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Light the shadows
Monday, April 28, 2008
2:34 pm
Today while waiting for the ceremony to begin, I sat there thinking. Felt nostalgic all over again. Just thinking about the past, I actually well.. felt like tearing. I was thinking about anything and everything. All the people who came into my life and made a difference. I am happy with all that I have now, but I do miss the old times.

And I was anxiously looking out for Mr Tay. (I knew Mr Ng was around already.) Really wanted the both of them to be there because I wanted them to hear me say thanks although it was just a small part of my thank-you speech. Finally relaxed when I saw them in the hall.

While preparing my speech yesterday, I was thinking if it was appropriate to include them because they entered my DHS life not too long ago. I decided to in the end because they really have made a great impact in my life. Yes, they came into DHS just last year but what they have done, I am really appreciative. I think no words can express how thankful I am. As of today, I must say that they are the best teachers I have ever had. I can't imagine leaving Dunman High at the end of Year 6, putting down all the trainings with the team and the teachers.

On another note, receiving the award is certainly something quite big, and quite unbelievable still though. But I somehow feel like I'm not performing up to standards so far this year. Will have to manage my time better! I feel the motivation to be a more effective captain, study harder and continue to train hard(or even harder actually) for volleyball. Hope the motivation stays with me all the way!

Sunday, April 27, 2008
2:13 pm

The volleyball season has ended for us. A bit too soon I would say. Before everything started we had such high hopes and I really felt like we had quite good chances. Not until we went in, and got beaten by all the schools. The match against PJ really should have been won. I don't know what happened. We definitely did not give up, our skills were better except maybe their fang shou was a little more tight. We made a lot of personal mistakes. But that match Zhi Xin really shined. The glimmer of hope was still there though. The match against MJ... well first set was really really bad. Felt like we were all too relaxed or not awake yet. But at least we made a comeback in the second set. Fought and shouted really hard. Although we were down 20-24, we caught up but lost in the end 26-28. I wasn't exactly sad after the match because I felt like we really gave our best and that last set was a high throughout the tournament. And once again we proved that we can fight back and catch up. We just have to remain calm which we still might be lacking a little.

But sometimes thinking about it, we just really want to win that something for ourselves, the school, the teachers, and all who have helped and supported us. It isn't a nice feeling when you have to keep telling people that you have lost the match. Feels like we've let people down, Mr Tay and Mr Ng especially. They believed in us and they were the ones who brought us this far but we weren't able to give them the bonus, the extra thing to cheer about. Yes, I know we've picked up a lot more things through the hard times we have gone through. The friendships are definitely more invaluable than anything else. The volleyballers are the closest friends I have ever had and Mr Tay and Mr Ng are the bests teachers ever. But especially for Zhi Xin, Melissa and I, we've been wanting and working for a medal since Sec 1. We've never tasted what success is like, we've never felt what it is like to get a medal won by ourselves.

At least we still have more chances. It isn't the end of our pursuit yet. Under-19s and next year tournaments! And as Zhi Xin said, it's really up to us, not making wishes at 11.11, japanese amulets, praying or whatever. Although all the encouragements do give us the strength to carry on. Thanks to all! We will continue to train hard and keep our dreams and goal alive!

I live to play volleyball.

Saturday, April 19, 2008
11:17 pm
We lost to VJ yesterday but it didn't feel like we lost. I felt the fighting spirit in me throughout the game, probably for the first time. We played well but I think we were all quite scared during the game too. It was our first real match together and this season is like super important to us. It's all that we've been working for. The next two matches are super duper important. We really have to win both! Get into Top 8 and continue fighting our way to Top 4!

And it was only yesterday that I realised that the support is really extensive. So many friends, schoolmates, teachers, ex-teammates and even Mr Tay's friends were supporting us. They rushed down, made posters, and cheered.. It's just really heartwarming. THANKS A MILLION TO ALL YOU GUYS!


Yi Xian
Zhi Xin
Zhuo Wen

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