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Light the shadows
Monday, January 28, 2008
10:07 pm
Omg. Today's match play during training was just PATHETIC. Two more months or even less and we're going to face other JCs! But if we can't even put up a fight to our juniors, what more to other A div teams. Somehow today was worst than previous matches we played during trainings. Everything just went down to zero. I felt really hopeless and disappointed with myself. Couldn't do anything well at all. All of us have to work super duper hard and be ji ji for training. We really need to stop wasting time like we've been doing the past two weeks. The limited court space really sucks too.

JIA YOU! We have to keep putting up a fight! Don't lose heart!

Sunday, January 27, 2008
6:27 pm
I am super tired! Bought nothing again from our supposedly "New Year Shopping Trip". Only Melissa got one top. Hahaa. Seriously the number of buys each year is just going down slope. Ahhh what to do?! There isn't much time left to buy clothes..

And my muscles really ache from gym yesterday. For the first time, I sweat in the gym and felt really exhausted. Legs are super tired from power training too. Striding 3 times of 600m really takes a lot of energy and mental power. Hopefully everything that we do will really help us though. It's only about 2 more months to Nationals! Going by the rate that time is passing these days, the time will come really soon.

The past week hasn't been really great either. Had a couple of bad days and there isn't much to look forward to in school now. Hope all will turn out better soon!

Saturday, January 26, 2008
6:39 pm
Jay Chou's World Tour 2008 - 18 January

Saturday, January 19, 2008
12:09 am
I LOVE JAY CHOU!! The concert was seriously super duper high and fun! I was singing along throughout or at least was trying to. And I was on the edge of my seat every single minute, yes even right from the start, when I was sitting. Didn't really stand up during the concert cause the people around weren't so it's kind of weird. But it was totally high at the end. Like most people got on their feets and jumped around. I had so much fun! My seat was by the side of the stage too so it was pretty close to the corner, so whenever he came out from that side it was like super good!! And there were times when he faced us too =) Oh yes and the bantering between NQMM and Jay Chou was super funny. They are so cute! And their new versions of songs are like really cool too. We sang Happy Birthday for him too because well, it's his birthday today. And when you hear him saying things like "xin jia po ren de ge mi shi zui re qing de" or something like that, you just feel really happy. Oh and he was like saying how many celebrities would actually perform on their birthdays and he is cause singapore is special! He can dance pretty well too. He must be the most multi-talented artist ever, playing the gu zheng, drums, diabolo, shuang jie gun and piano. There was this segment when he and Yu Hao played the song from Secret when they two were competing. It was really super fast.

Hehe I'm like going crazy over Jay Chou already but seriously the concert was good. The atmosphere, costumes, dancers, bantering... WHOO! I would sit through the whole thing again and again! Or I should say sing and this time stand through the whole thing!

Photos will be up soon! =)

Sunday, January 06, 2008
11:47 am
We're 6 days into the new year already but everything still feels pretty much the same. I still feel like a secondary school kid and no where near 17. It doesn't really feel like a fresh start, probably because I had no celebrations or countdowns whatsoever on new year's eve.

So anyway, orientation was FUN. A little short I think but I don't suppose the school would let us continue playing more. HOUSE B actually got CHAMPION for the orientation. That's a really good start. =) The best parts of orientation would be Jam Night and Fright Night. Everyone got really high on Jam Night jumping around and all. And Fright Night was super thrilling and exciting. It was like trying to solve some complicated mystery. Our mass dance is pretty cool too!

Well but all that fun has come to an end. It's time to face all the studying and homework tmr already. I am scared! We've got to buy GCs and uniform too. That's like a lot of money. Why did they change the syllabus and make us buy GCs only to not use them after 2 years? Hmmm... just hope everything goes smoothly and Senior High life would be fun despite the much hardwork and effort needed to be put into studying. All the best everyone!


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