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Light the shadows
Monday, December 31, 2007
9:34 pm
I'm back from Thailand! Came back yesterday actually. The trip was full of shopping and more shopping only. I can imagine Zhi Xin going crazy at this mall called Platinum. It's like maybe 5 times of Far East? She'll probably need to buy another luggage. Well shopping it was but I didn't really buy a lot of things. My sister did and hers will be mine too. So i guess we increased our wardrobe selection by a little. I fell sick yesterday too. Woke up in the morning with a slight fever, body ache, super bad cold and slight sore throat. It was quite crazy. I was tearing quite a bit thanks to my nose. Thank goodness I woke up feeling much better today I was fit enough for training. And also thank goodness I only fell sick on the last day of the trip. That's all about the trip, nothing too special happened.

Well, so it's the last day of 2007. Everything seemed to have zoomed by. And this is my most unhappening new year eve too. Sitting at home using the computer, no parties, no countdowns to attend. Hmmm...Christmas was like that too. I think the nothing-much-to-do state will continue tmr too. That can be considered a good start eh. No worries at all, just getting a good rest! =)

Anyway, I'm getting a bit of the pre-school jitters. Haha!

Saturday, December 15, 2007
4:12 pm
I look at the calendar and realise how little time I'm left with this holidays. TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS to the new year. I'm scared of 2008. I don't want it to come. A new year just means tough decisions to make, the tough life of a Year 5 and the coming of Volleyball Nationals. And not forgetting, the end of work at Ben and Jerry's. I've made nice friends at B&J but will these friendships be kept or lost once I leave the place? I wish holidays could last longer. It started as a slow holiday but now time is passing so quickly again. Going away for holiday for 5 days doesn't really help anything at all. I'm left with about one week to work and do anything else I have not but want to this holidays.

I dont't want 2007 to end at all. This has been the best year for me by far. Yes, no doubt there were disappointing moments like the East Zones, U-16 Competition. There were sad times like the departure of a good friend, the setbacks met in studies and other things. The list goes on. But at the end of it all, I think it's been my most productive year. The most time I've ever spent on Student Council matters, learning to lead better as the days, weeks and months went by. I thank the teachers and seniors for giving me the chance, really. I had much fun with 4J too. We were so much more bonded and together as one compared to our Year 3 days. Academics wise, although there were dips but all turned out well. I faired good for end-of-years. Thanks to moderation or not, my GPA improved. It made up for that drop in mid-year. I volunteered for Xperience and it was a really good and enriching experience. I feel like I really have done A LOT this year, most accomplishments EVER. That's why I don't want the year to end. I don't want the new year to come because I don't think I can ever do as much as I did. It kind of brings in THE question again, something I don't like thinking about cause I never get an answer. Before I go on about the same thing I blogged about before 2 months or so ago, I just want to end off by saying, being through so many things, I have matured and grown so much more and possibly become a happier person too. 2007 has been really great!

Sunday, December 09, 2007
1:02 pm
I'm back from CAIRNS! Certainly did have fun there. It wasn't a leadership training camp but more like a leisure camp all the way. Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef took my breathe away, especially the first look down. All the pretty colours! We spent a lot of time in the water spotting things, enjoying the beatiful corals, fishes and all. It was really good. We could see the Reef when we were taking the plane too. And we didn't just see patches, we could see the colours too. It was really pretty. I love the boat ride out too. I don't even know if that should be considered a boat, but it was Seastar Cruise anyway. Super nice to be sailing out into the sea, looking at the endless sea and with the strong winds blowing against you. Wu bian we ji! The water was quite clear out there too. I want to go on that boat again!

White water rafting was quite exciting and thrilling too. Through all the rapids and all. Foward paddle! Hold on! Get down! Back paddle! Stop! We jumped into the water at less fast rapids and let the water carry us down. Some people dropped in from the boat but all were safe. Mr Low hit his head hard on the rock, but thankfully for the helmet and his strong neck, head and everything he was safe. My boat was at the side so we saw it all. We were supposed to do Level 3-4 but I guess it was super duper dangerous with the deaths and bad injuries there so I am happy with the Level 2 we did.

We had some breathtaking views on the Skyrail too. Enjoying the lush greenery from the cable car. The ride was super funny because of 3 dearest people who shouted and screamed everytime we reached and went past the connecting parts of the cable just because it was slightly not as smooth.

Those were the three main activities we did. We visited the Koala Park too. So we got up close with Koalas and kangaroos. Did a bit of shopping over there too. And spent a bit of time at the lagoon there called Esplanade and it was by the beach anyway. The place is really cool. Singapore should have something like that too! It's like a public pool with an irregular shape which isnt that deep. The closest thing we have to that is the rooftop place at Vivo. The water at the lagoon is deeper though. We visited their fruits and vegetables market too. Everything was so fresh. And the cabbage and watermelon there are probably twice the size of what you get here. We tasted the mango and all of it was sweet.

The people there were really nice anyway. All of them were warm and friendly and polite. I think we all have something to learn for them. They will just ask for your camera to take a photo for you when they see a group of people and one person taking a photo with the rest in. When will you get that in Singapore? All the people we met were nice, the bus drivers, the cruise crew, the guides on the rafting trip and the sales people. Everyone. As for the weather, it was HOT. SUPER HOT. More of like ultimate sunny I should say. It's sun sun sun everywhere you go as long as you're outdoors. Probably cause there aren't as many trees there compared to Singapore. I think the UV rays there are stronger too so every single one of us got tanner. Some got bad sunburns. Other than that Cairns is really a nice place to be at. The place is like quite peaceful and much less busier than Singapore. It's quite nice to walk on the streets with few cars and few people. I miss Cairns! I want to go out into the ocean again! I want to raft again! But at the same time I'm glad to be back home.

Monday, December 03, 2007
4:10 pm
Class postings out!! No, it should be civics group. My class is quite cool! Got a bunch of people I know and I can clique with. Yuan Wei, Ting Pei and Joshua!! YAY! A lot of unknowns but nevermind. I'm overall HAPPY. Forgot about it actually cause I was busy packing my luggage and suddenly I received Yuan Wei's message. "Hello fellow 5C32ian xD" I almost literally jumped at that and I went like OMG out loud and ran to my computer, switched it on and looked at who else would be my future civics group mates. Alright, going off already. Leaving for Cairns soon!! =)


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