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Light the shadows
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
11:12 pm
Just realised I haven't blogged for quite a few days already. Life has been pretty packed. And when it is, I wish I have time to slack at home but when I get the time to slack at home, I want to get out there and do something instead. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Anyway, I was so glad that I finished all my GP Journals actually. But now I feel like CRAP after reading the Year 5s' comments. CONFIDENCE LEVEL FOR GP IS ZERO!!! I wonder how anyone scrap through at all. Sian. Can't believe I have to face it in one plus month's time. GP Package should be called Demoralising Package instead. Super duper scared of Year 5 now. I don't want to grow up! RAH!

Cairns trip next week. Pretty excited and hope I'll have fun cause I'm the ONLY Year 4 in my group. They are soooooo mean to do that to me okay. I don't even know who else I have in my group. Hope I will get by well. Don't want to end up paying a thousand plus for a sad experience. Ok must tell myself it will be fun. Yes it will be! Don't know when I'll be packing my bag since I'm working on Saturday and Sunday both closing shift. Wish I could work opening though. I prefer waking up early than coming home late. Oh well, just found out today that we'll be checking in at Belt 6 of Terminal One. Around where we sent Zhuo Wen off, the sad place of departure.

I don't know why but today I'm just negative about things and scared about what will happen.

Saturday, November 24, 2007
9:08 pm
怎麼隱藏 我的悲傷
妳的髮香 散的匆忙
閉上眼睛 還能看見
... ...

心裡的眼淚 模糊了視線

12:36 am
Yay! I'm so glad I got to talk to Zhuo Wen. Haha. Kept hoping he would come online and just as I was about to go he came. And I'm relieved he got my message. Hehe. Anyway, for once after so long, I finally really cried. Stepping down from SC and graduating and parting with the class all didn't have any adverse effect on me. So, JERRY be honoured!

Ok anyway, MSN is evil to me!! Sharing folders keep causing my whole MSN to close. RAH! I want my photos! The ones with Zhuo Wen included. Maybe I shall delete the whole thing and re-install since updating didn't help

Friday, November 23, 2007
8:57 pm

(I had to put this picture too so that you'll see the change in expression)

We got the last look at him before he left, until maybe 7 months later we won't see him again. He had better keep his word and come back to Singapore. Visit us at least. It was a really emotional thing. Some of us were just holding back as much as we could but we just gave in when we saw him walk through the gate. When he turned back to look at us all, it was like.. I can't really describe it. But it was just sad for all of us. Why part so early? I wish we got more time with him. Wish we could talk more, go out more, play volleyball together more.

I am glad that at least I got to go out with him once. And it was a great time out. Watched "Enchanted", played pool and had dinner together. Hopefully 7 months down the road, it'll be a sweet fairytale and happily ever after like the movie. MUST stay in contact with him and hopefully he'll come back to Singapore to study or something. Then we can still meet on a regular basis.

He's seriously a very very very nice friend. Lame he is but it makes time spent with him fun. And he always has something to talk about so even for someone like me who runs out of topics almost all the time, there will still never be silence when with him.
So yes, keep your word Zhuo Wen! We want to see you again next July/August!

Remembering the cake he gave for my birthday...
Much appreciated Zhuo Wen!! And I have to say again it was really yummy. =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
2:35 pm
The extremely packed and busy week has passed. Stayover at Zhuo Wen's house, volleyball camp, class chalet, work, volleyball trainings and Sentosa. So many things happened I don't think I can blog about them one by one anymore. It'll take me ages and my post will be the longest ever.

Oh well, but anyway I was that busy that I didn't have time to use the computer at all. And it was late nights and early mornings continuously. So I was lacking a lot of sleep. Thank goodness I still felt awake once I started training or working or playing. And the week was so packed I just want to not do anything now. No GP thing for me! I just want to rest. Totally didnt visit the forum at all for the 2nd discussion topic and I'm still pretty mush clueless as to what to put into my journal.

Trainings have given me muscle aches almost everytime. So there's perpetually no one day with no muscle ache(s). But nevermind, feels good. =)

I don't want this week to pass. I don't want Friday to come.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
8:40 pm
Volleyball camp was fun! First ever and succesful! It was very much like a leisure camp actually. Slow-paced, loads of free time, fun games like blind mice and water bomb. We used lip stick to draw on each others's faces. We attempted to attack Mr Tay while he made a lot of us victims. We celebrated Si Ya's birthday and had cake on our faces. We had a good tea party/lunch.

But the down part was I was super crappy during trainings and matches. I think I was going mad, demoralised, sad and angry all at the same time. The style was fun but it wasn't my day or rather days. It's hard to pick myself up after not being able to play well for a while. Something I'm aiming to overcome!!

Anyway I think the Year 2s to 4s mix around really well. Three cheers to Dunman High Volleyball Team! Let's achieve greater heights! MEDALS MEDALS MEDALS!

Sunday, November 11, 2007
4:04 pm
I actually miss work! Worked for two days already and I'm like having a super long break. Not going back there again until Friday. It's really fun and everyone there is nice. I'm still learning though. Don't know a lot of things yet. Like what goes into the different Sundaes and even the seemingly easy scooping of ice cream. It's seriously a skill to make the ice cream twirl and get the right amount & right shape. I MUST master it soon. I still managed to serve a few customers yesterday though. Not perfect but it was quite okay. The pressure sets in when one of them watches me and tries to guide me though. I'll get really scared of making mistakes so I end up handing over the job or something. I'm going to over come that fear on Friday! Must be a quick learner. I can do it!

Stay over at Zhuo Wen's house was good. Steamboat was satisfying as usual and Wii Boxing can really be a good workout. I was sweating A LOT after playing. Really going to miss that guy when he leaves...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
8:15 pm
I got a job at B&J! Well, trying out for a week. Pray that all goes well! I was flushed up even before I walked into the shop to enquire and still was when I walked out. Really excited about it. But now the fear is kicking in. First real job! OMG! And I realise I didn't really ask clearly about everything. Like how I'll get paid, whether Friday's training or am I kind of like starting work already. And work had better not clash with any trainings. The manager should have got it when I said I have training thrice a week. Will have to sort it out, on Friday I guess. Honestly, if I have to miss trainings, I'm going to leave the job. Sorry manager. Hopefully he understands since he was a volleyballer himself in poly or something. Late nights seems like a sure thing in no time and for starters, I'm working on Saturday and Sunday too. Morning most probably, manager says. HAVE TO go for stay over at Zhuo Wen's house so things better be in place! Haha I'm a really picky employee.

Monday, November 05, 2007
8:15 pm
Just that close but we lost it again. We made a lot of personal mistakes today. But this is the source of motivation for us. Going to work really hard. We really want to aim high and reach our goals. I should probably make it a point to go to the gym to train up since there's so much time this holidays. Kind of lazy to look for a job already and I don't want my job to restrict my freedom to play volleyball anytime. Shall see how...

Anyway, it's confirmed. I'm going for Jay Chou's concert! Don't know which category tickets my brother's girlfriend got but it should be decent at least.

Friday, November 02, 2007
11:48 pm
For the first time ever, I think we truely felt HAPPY. It was a hard fought victory over St Hilda's. We came back from losing the first set and being 6 points behind in the second set. It was 18-24 but we never gave up and we pressurised them quite a bit I think. We're another step closer to the second round of the competition!! It's really good to be confident and determined to win. Honestly, for the first time ever I felt so sure I wanted to win and was so sure we were going to make it happen. I was starring hard at the opponents and speaking to myself in my head that we were going to and had to beat them. Really glad that we won. Everyone did well today. Spirit was up and it certainly plays a super important part in winning. Never-say-die! That's the way every match should be. Fight till the end. Monday's match is against Pei Cai and we're going to keep the spirit up and do our very best again ya. Yes, we will win if we want to and fight for it!


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