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Light the shadows
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
10:11 pm
Life after exams is really PACKED! I never have nothing to do. I'm quite sure I got bored really easily last time after exams but not at all this time. In fact I wish I have more time. I only managed to read the 1st chapter of Harry Potter so far, totally not progressing. But I don't really want to bring it to school because it's so thick. And then there's the thousand piece jigsaw puzzle awaiting me to piece it together and then return to it's rightful owner. It's really difficult especially when I don't have a huge area to spread all the pieces out and leave them them for as long as I want. All the things I have to do at home, but fact is I hardly spend much time awake at home these days, probably only about 5 hours on average. But sometimes it really does feel quite good. Besides Xperience, nothing really gives me stress at all. Feeling so carefree yet not bored is actually quite a good thing =) Oh yes, the rubrk cube is the new craze! When my friend told me the RI guys were all playing with that I totally couldn't imagine. Yet now, I'm kind of into it as well. It's so amazing to see the pieces falling into place after twisting and turning. I think it really helps if you have a good memory, which I don't. So I'm going to keep grabbing Mabel's cube until I can do it myself! haha.

Training tommorrow anyway! Excited! I have not totally recovered from my muscle cramps but hope they will all be gone tmr. Don't want to piao about and be so stiff and feel like falling all the time like the last training anymore!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007
11:35 pm
Quite a few of us went for Mr Chia's ROM at Fairy Point Chalet. His wife is quite pretty. Hehe. CONGRATS MR & MRS CHIA! Quite cool to witness them exchange vows and all. =) Anyway, my thighs are really aching A LOT! And then there's the ache at my lower back and my arm. Adie, LWT and Yuan Wei had muscle aches at the thighs too so we were like weird people walking down steps awkardly and making sounds as we sat down.

Volleyball! The thing I moulded at the Dragon Kiln place :)

12:14 am
Today's such a fun and great day! School was not that fun but it was okay. Just listened to the teachers and those alumni talk, some were quite humorous and interesting. I think it's so cool that some guy from DHS is actually going to work at GOOGLE. haha.

Training today was super good. After a break of like super long, we finally got back to it. And our two new coaches are cool. Cheers to Mr Ng and Mr Tay! Can't walk properly down the stairs especially now after the PT that we did and we didn't do much. Time to train up! Was back to SC duties during the Mid Autumn Festival Celebration in school. Walking and running about up and going down the steps are always a part of what we do. So glad that the celebration is back after the break last year. It was a simple affair this year but it's not bad. =)

Went for supper with Zhi Xin, Melissa, Michelle, Yuan Wei, Zhuo Wen and the 2 teachers and another teacher(Mr Han) at some Commonwealth place. Had good laughs in Mr Tay's car and the coffee shop. Mr Tay sent the 4 of us right home anyway. So nice of him! It wasn't very on the way but he just simply insisted on sending us home. I think we're really lucky to have Mr Ng and Mr Tay with the volleyball team and of course dearest Mrs Bok! :)

This whole week has been great anyway. There's never nothing do and all the stuff I do are quite enjoyable. Definitely got to spend more time with friends. After exams days are good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
10:47 pm
WE CLEANED THE SC ROOM TODAY!! Yay! Cheers to Mabel, Miss Yeo and me! The SC Room is like how much cleaner now. We really threw away loads of stuff and took away loads of lives. Yes..that of disgusting ants, there were 2 huge clusters of them. Don't know what they hiding there for. I think we get that for being next to the track and the drain. Stupid garden ants. YUCKS YUCKS YUCKS! I shiver at the thought of them. Humongous clusters. It freaked me out so much I walked away and Mabel came to my rescue. I could only bring myself nearer cause I wanted to spray the BAYGON to kill them and then I couldn't go back to look further at the dead ants stuck on the wall. SUPER DISGUSTING!!

We threw away loads of stuff anyway. Makes me feel guilty looking at what we threw. But we managed to recycle some stuff. With Cherie there, how can there be no recycling. I love the recycling bins in school. Everyone, use them when you can!

Anyway we had dinner at Suntec after that with Mr Yeo, Yuru and Dinah as well. It was good being with them again. But Mr Yeo brought me to the question of whether to join SC next year or not. I have been thinking about it a lot. Usually ending up thinking I won't join. But I still can't be sure though I think about this every so often. And he said "wo zhi dao ni de xin zai volleyball". My heart is with SC too ok. I really like doing things that we do even the seemingly mundane ushering duties and what not. But I can't explain why I have to continue with volleyball and have to think about it when it comes to SC. All the talk about how we can't get that far like win the championships and also giving up captainship which doesn't require that much actually. But to me, the problem doesn't lie with volleyball. I'm still continuing no matter what. Even if we can't join A div championships next year. Training will still go on as usual and I'm not missing it. It's more like coping with everything. The tonnes of work I expect to get, the good grades I need to achieve, volleyball and add on SC? Thing lies in how much do I have to do in SC I think. If there are like weekly meetings I think it might kill me and I don't want to be some sort of sleeping member or a not commited member if I join SC. So hard eh. I half wish there's no IP then I can happily go to another JC and not bother about thinking whether or not to join that school's council cause I will not! hahah. Ok that's avoiding the problem. Shucks I have to face it. Rahhh.. Think more and put the decision making further off I suppose, till I have to make my final decision.

Oh anyway, real glad that MR LOW IS BACK!! Hehe. He said something to me. He said I rollerblade well and probably better than I play volleyball. Well but those words didn't actually pierce into my heart or anything. I'm not that lousy at volleyball and not that good at rollerblading. I think he just doesn't really know. I prefer to be optimistic! =)

Saturday, September 15, 2007
11:54 pm
I went to Velocity just now to catch the beach volleyball matches there with Geoffrey. =) Quite interesting to watch them play. And the team with Jun Yuan's coach won the finals. I was supporting them cause I recognised the coach but I thought the ang-mos would win. AND AND AND I saw MR LIM there. Yes the old coach! The signature blue singlet tucked in and towel tucked into his pants at the back and the high socks. Should have gone to say hi to him, but I was a bit scared. Cos I could imagine him saying or rather asking questions I cannot really answer. Ah..but he was really nice last time when I talked one-on-one with him actually. Just realised that.. So even if I approached him just now it should have been ok. lol. PLUS I saw ZHE BIN. For those of you who went on Kanchanaburi Trip last year, remember him? I was standing there watching the match from inside the shopping mall. Then they had a short break and I suddenly saw him in front of the glass in front of me. He gave me the I-know-you look so I waved and exchanged a few words later. haha. What a small world. Like it's totally unexpected at least Mr Lim is Volleyball related so it's no surprise he's there. And Velocity is quite a lousy mall anyway. I thought it would have been cooler.

Dinner at Fish & Co. was like super filling. Didn't finish my food this time round. Oh right and my cough kept persisting when I was out. Now it's like to the sleeping mode. Cough go away!

12:20 am
YAY! It's time for us to relax while the other levels work hard now. I think we're like the first to finish our exams in all of Singapore schools. hahah I think I am saying a lot of senseless stuff after exams. Mabel can testify for that. But well didn't actually feel the intense happiness until after SMP. Everyone could enjoy right after the paper today but a poor few of us had to go for SMP. Mabel, Yi Hsin and I had our poster judging today. So we had our presentation and got a MERIT. I was seriously prepared for just participation. But actually, almost every group had Merit at least. haha. Anyway at one part I really didn't know what I was presenting. The words just came out splattering and there was no thought process. Can't even remember what I said. The overworked brain does funny things so it's time for it to rest. Hehe

Well so after being cooped up in Singapore Polytechnic till 6+pm all because of the results we(Mabel, Yuan Wei, Joshua and me) went to Tampines. Went to have dinner and Wynne joined us and we just sat at Macs and talked and talked and I reached home at 11.15pm. I think today must be one of the rare days I contributed a fair bit to the conversation. I was even sustaining conversations with Mabel at SP on and off throughout the...5 hours? or at least 4. hahha. Caught up a fair bit with these people. Cleared my "conversation debt". Should be clearing my sleep debt too but I don't feel like sleeping now and I got to wake up at 6am tmr. Nevermind. After like how many days of no actual ralaxing time or satisfying use of the computer I should just do what I want. =)


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