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Light the shadows
Sunday, August 19, 2007
12:54 am
HANDOVER WAS A BLAST! The juniors really did put in a lot of effort and I am really grateful and touched for all that they have done for us. The teachers words were also encouraging and sweet. I feel so blessed for having such a wonderful bunch of people around me. =)

Thanks for the decorating the room, for bringing the food and for the great performances. Thanks for the balloon, the notes, the gifts and the photo collage. Thanks for all that you guys have done!

This kind of marks the end of my time in the Junior High Student Council. But my heart will always be with it and all the seniors, juniors and teachers. Again and again I say this, but really, if not for SC I might not feel the love or the attachment for the school. I've really enjoyed my time in the council. Not that throughout the three years everything has been smooth-sailing but at the end of it all when I look back, all I remember are the good times and all that I keep are valuable lessons and memories. I enjoy doing the things that we do from planning events to even doing ushering duties to standing up there leading and saying the pledge. I really take pride in all that we do. Some duties may sound boring and tiring but at the end of it all, with fellow SCs doing it together, all is great. And I do love being able to do something for the school. And it's through this I get to know so many more people, which means so many more people to say a simple hi to and brighten up my day. From the seniors to the juniors to the teachers, we've all remained as one big family. The bonds we have formed and the friendships that we have will always remain. I am glad to have met all you guys who bring so much fun and laughter and warmth. Thanks to the juniors for being ever-crazy and enthusiastic especially that bunch of girls. Thanks to the teachers for being so caring and concerned and for being so approachable.

To the Exco, it's really unbelievable that we've been working together for a year already! Time really flew by so fast with you guys and I think we've done quite a great job. =) Thanks to you guys for always being there to get high together and to get things done together. I've had much fun working with you guys. And even as we step down, we'll always be as one ya. More meet ups and dinners and whatever else after exams! In the mean time, JIA YOU for the end-of-years!


Tonight, I smiled and laughed and felt the warmth in my heart as I watched what was lined up for us. There were moments when many laughed together, there were moments when many cried. I expected myself to cry tonight but that didn't happen although I almost did when Mabel and Ben were chanting behind me as I spoke "cry , cry, cry..." It was as if their chant was working then when I realised they were chanting I turned back to shut them out. Maybe I should have just let myself cry cause I think I haven't for a long long time. But maybe it's a good thing that I haven't cried in so long. I was even asking myself "wei shen me wo de xin ne me ying?" But I figured it's not that. All the same like the rest I appreciate what was done for us and while they cried because they were touched, I smiled because I was happy to have such lovely people around me and I have no regrets and there's Ben Ng along with me. He was like going "So fun!" That's our cute President for you. =P Another part is that I still don't feel that this is the end although it should be. There's still the Cairns trip to come and I really look forward to that. I hope it'll be as good as the Chiang Mai experience.

It has been the time of my life being in SC. You guys are great company. I really hope for the best for the juniors and the future batches, for SC and for Dunman High. Exco 0708, it's up to you guys now! Shine and do us proud! =)

Friday, August 17, 2007
11:06 pm
I couldn't resist the temptation to watch the fireworks today since my dad asked, so off we went in the car so I spent almost 1+ hours out there when I am supposed to be studying. First time I saw colourful ones and the heart shapes were cool. I didn't manage to capture the hearts though. But anyway for those of you who were at home, I captured some photos. hehe! Some are a bit off but you can't blame me cause I was watching the fireworks too! And they came on and off so fast all over the place. =)

But this is what happens at the end - Loads of smoke
4th August 2007

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
11:27 pm
The teachers really surprised us today. Mrs Tan was so secretive about it, I thought the teachers had some really cool and fun activity for us. In the end it turned out to be a fire drill! Like a surprise on top of the surprise. But I guess it kind of fits into this National Day thing.

Yup so after school Zhi Xin, Melissa, Michelle and I went to Vivo. Circled the area so many times before we sat down for lunch. We went to the pet shop after that anyway and the puppies were so amazingly cute! I still love Golden Retrievers & Labradors the best. My dogs were once like those 4 cute 3-month-olds! As adorable but I don't think mine looked that sad. Poor dogs locked up in that mini area. Anyway, we were supposed to catch a movie but in the end we didn't cos Rush Hour was too late and Secret was a huge no-no for Mich and Mel. You guys missed out on a nice show! The story came out to be something I never expected but it's not ever going to happen in real life though. Watch it if you can!! Oh yes and Jay Chou is an amazing pianist for playing at that crazy speed, if it wasn't edited that is.

Saturday, August 04, 2007
12:36 am
I am beginning to sleep really late everyday now! I should try to adjust my sleeping time back to 10+pm and be a healthy kid.

Dry run for Xperience is tommorrow. It's going to be an absolutely long day. I really wonder sometimes these days am I taking up too much things for my own good. I've got SMP, Xperience and National Day Celebration to do now at the same time, on top of studying for exams. And yet I seem to be wasting a lot of time still. I'm still going back to play volleyball but I don't consider that wasting time. It really took away all the stress today. I think we really love the game A LOT. I don't actually remember our seniors coming back to play after they stepped down. Maybe it's the no O levels symptom. But Mr Tay says I still look happy always so that's good. I think I've learnt to take things more easily this year and I am more relaxed about many things, especially studies, although I still do get stressed. Whether it's for the better or not, we shall see.

Just had a heart to heart talk with Zhi Xin on msn and as usual, it feels good! I think it has been a really long while since we did that. Being able to share so much with your close friends and discuss about anything and everything under the sun is just great. =) I think I must thank Zhi Xin, Melissa and Michelle a million for always being there.


Yi Xian
Zhi Xin
Zhuo Wen

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