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Light the shadows
Monday, June 25, 2007
9:18 pm
They all say it is Sweet Sixteen and I didn't think much of it until I had mine and still enjoying now. This year just feels so special. All started on Saturday with the family, going out yesterday, finding a present on my bed last night just when I was about to go to sleep. And today... it's just totally awesome! The messages I received in the morning, only because I switch my phone off at night, if not I really would have been woken up at 12plus. From current schoolmates to primary schoolmates, from close friends to friends I'm not so lucky to get to talk to much. THANK YOU!! You guys made my day and let me start my day with a smile, really. Of course all the messages that came later continued to make my day too.

And when it was school time, I got well wishes from so many people too. The Exco and SCs, classmates, more other friends. Of course, THANKS TO THE VOLLEYBALLERS AND THE TIES GANG for the MUD CAKE! Jia Min made me know it all with a one-word message: QUICK! We do it all the time for each other on our birthdays and it's really lovely. The crazy birthday song you guys sang or I should say SCREAMED. Made me laugh with all your funny funny little antics and ways, I was really super happy. And then there was the imbA gang even. Kept going on and said a countless number of times "Happy Birthday!" when I walked passed them. It was quite funny really and I thought Ray and Andrew wanted to prank me when they put out their hands to shake mine. All my juniors shouted out too me too when I looked down from the gymnasium training and even JIAO LIAN. He was being funny and added "Woah sheng ri bu ke yi da qiu ar?"

And dinner with the SC bunch was great too! Thanks Mabel, June, Dinah, Miss Yeo, Mr Yeo, Mdm Loh and Mr Tan! Dinner was yummy and the chocolate cake by the fountain was cute. YOU GUYS ARE SO SWEET! Made me laugh quite a bit too. And our throwing of dry ice into the water attracted quite some attention. Yes, the cake was delicious and my stomach is being really happy now too.

Many thanks to all of you who made my day! It's a great start to the school term. Thanks for all the well-wishes! Thanks for the gifts and the 3 cakes today! I love them all! =) THANK YOU!!!!!!

Oh ya, I couldn't resist the temptation to play volleyball so I did. Hehe. =)

Sunday, June 24, 2007
9:25 pm
It's back to school again tmr! I wasn't feeling anything very much special, it was just like going back to school after a weekend break. But now, I think there's a part of me that looks forward to the new beginning and Youth Day. Things must work out!!!

This holidays have been busy but I still got time to slow down and relax. So all's well. =) I got to go out a fair bit and I did my homework and got started on revising Chemistry. And come tmr I will be ready to battle and go at full speed.

Anyway, I met my Primary 5 best friend yesterday. We have grown apart so much, too much. Oh well not many people can keep strong lasting friendships from primary school. Dinner at Imperial Treasure last night was quite yummy. But I find the place a little crammed up though. And today I went to watch Ocean's Thirteen with Geoffrey. It's really quite nice so I'm going to find time to watch Ocean's 11 and 12 at home soon. We went for dinner at this little restuarant after that and it's super quiet inside so it felt a bit weird at first but food was quite nice :)

Friday, June 15, 2007
9:30 pm
Outing with P6 classmates to ECP yesterday was quite fun. All of them cycled but I skated. We went all the way to NSRCC, the end of the ECP bicycle path. There was filming going on there anyway, so we saw quite a few actors and actresses. Frisbeed a little there and made our way back. They went to Settlers after that but I was such a good and motivated girl I went home to do homework. But I slept for one and a half hours when I came back cause Alson, Zhuo Wen, Zhi Xin and I conferenced till about 1am the previous night. Anyway I think it's really cool that my P6 class still has outings regularly! Although it's always the usual few people most of the time, at least there's still a bunch of us in contact with each other. =)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
10:32 pm
Outing with the Volleyballers today was cool! And there were like 16 of us! I wish there's still Sunset Bay though. 5 bucks and you get water, balls, kayaks/canoes and vball courts. But today all the courts on Siloso Beach went into hiding. Just where did they disappear to??

Anyhow, we still had fun. We played vball, soccer and ice&water and waddled in the sea too. Playing soccer on the beach is so freaking fun and tiring at the same time. It's good exercise! I love ice&water too. Childhood game. =) And Melissa, Eva and I attempted to lie down and sun tan but we weren't very successful. Couldn't even last there for 15 minutes, or probably less. We really had our fill at Sakae too. Service was bad at first but I think everyone complained till the guy decided to be nice. Then we went to Vivo arcade and way home was nice with Zhi Xin, Alson, Zhuo Wen and Yuan Wei. Simply love it when we start talking :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007
10:09 pm
Paint-A-Home today was quite cool. Time really flew by while we were painting. Didn't feel like I spent a whole day there. But I was a little tired and in a daze so I didn't enjoy everything as much as I would have if I were awake I think. Seriously I don't know what is becoming of me. I'm like in need of sleep 24/7! That's super crazy. I'm simply exhausted.

Went to my uncle's house after that and I continued to be very much tired plus total bad mood. I felt all dirty from painting and I very badly wanted to do work. And when I took out my Maths Holiday Homework in attempt to at least complete a few questions. I stumbled again and again on so many questions. My memory is really BAD, can't remember a lot of stuff from Year 3 although it's my favourite subject. Actually I can't even remember what we learnt this year. Trigo Formulas are killing me! RAH!!!

Is tomorrow going to be a better day? I am going to SP again and I really hope that place that never fails to give me headaches will be different.

Friday, June 08, 2007
10:08 pm
I spent much of my time during training today sitting around and it's probably my last till after the exams. I haven't really decided if I will still go when school starts. But the after training part was quite crazy. We had a June babies birthday celebration. A HUGE THANKS TO YOU GUYS!! And we played with water balloons. All that I threw didnt hit and burst on anyone. I'm really quite lousy at the water balloon thing haha. I didn't really want to get wet so I just escaped from the crazy spraying and splashing after that. Some of them were really soaked totally. But it was really quite fun, something we haven't done before in my 4 years in volleyball. So thanks again!

Thursday, June 07, 2007
9:46 pm
I went cycling today! It's been a long time since I did that. And today's route was out of the ordinary. It's really quite cool to cycle not just at East Coast, much more interesting. So Geoffrey and I cycled from my home to Concourse and played pool there for a short while. I'm really bad at it but at least it's much better than the previous time I tried. It was a fun day out. And we cycled past Suntec and Bugis like on the pavements right outside the shopping centres and I really thought it was quite funny cause we seemed out of place. But I think my legs are currently quite tired. All the skating, jogging and cycling. I hope I can still train tmr!

Monday, June 04, 2007
9:18 pm
Wu Yue Tian's concert on Saturday night was good! I realised that they have a lot of nice songs. Geoffrey and I were just sitting there, almost like glued to our chairs but I was absorbing the music man! Don't know about him though. Anyway after going for this concert, I think I've really made up my mind to go for Jay Chou's concert the next time he comes here. And I'm going to learn all the lyrics and prepare to jump around cause it was quite sad I didn't know so many of the songs Wu Yue Tian sang at the concert, like couldn't sing along you know.

Anyway, we lost to our juniors today!! It's the worst thing that can ever happen I think. We totally lost it all. AHHH!!! Better train up our fitness. Now I feel super motivated to train up again. But I'm not into the running thing anymore so I went skating today for about an hour. Skating is good!

Sunday, June 03, 2007
2:07 pm
It was fun at SC Camp. Just 2 short days with a rather flexible schedule, very leisurely and sort of slow-paced. A pity I had to rush off if not I could have written more stuff for people on their cards/paper.

But anyway, it suddenly daunted on me that my batch is going to step down soon. It's all coming too soon! Seems like just yesterday that we were sitting in the SC Room in the Tanjong Rhu campus with the previous Exco announcing to us our posts. & I feel like we have not done enough, we have not done all that we can but if you try listing it out, we have done quite a lot actually. I am still not open to the idea of stepping down and not belonging to SC anymore. I love SC so much! I love the EXCO, the peers and the crazy bunch of juniors I have. I can't imagine one day without having SC stuff to do, without wearing the tie anymore. Seriously, SC has made my school life so meaningful and fun. Yes we do get so busy with it, my holidays were eaten up by event planning and SC stuff. I did get tired but I still love doing all those things. Even duties in the blazer and court shoes were fun. As Tong Wei drew & said, SC makes our lives fruitful. There's still a bit more time before we step down, there's still Youth Day to do, there's still the chalet. I will definitely treasure the time I have left with all my fellow dearest SCs.

The same does to Volleyball. We have stepped down but I still have not accepted the fact. It's kind of because I know we're going to carry on and be in this same CCA next year. We're supposed to stop and spend time studying instead but I just find the idea of not going for training anymore so weird. I love Vball, love playing with my teammates and juniors especially the Year 3s. At least now I know even if I stop for a period of time, after the exams I will be back at it full force again. In the mean time, I will just happily go for the last 3 trainings this holidays and see what comes after that.


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