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Light the shadows
Friday, March 30, 2007
10:45 pm
I done and over with discus. I'm quite glad I threw better than at that one training, nevermind the distance was lousy.

A mixed bunch of people went to TM Mcdonalds after the first finals - From vballers to trackers to throwers including a Yr 2 to badminton ppl including kenny to a bballer. There were like 15 of us! Some left after the meal and 8 of us went for a movie. I ended up not going for dinner with the SCs, feel quite bad about it. Sorry! But I shall console myself by saying I get to go out with them more than this bunch of people. Zhi Xin, Michelle and I wanted to watch The Number 23 but the guys wanted to watch something else. So Michelle and Jason ended up playing Scissors, Paper, Stone to decide who gets to choose. Imagine 16 years old doing that. It was really funny. But they had to go along with us in the end cause the movie they wanted was too late. And we chose seats by shuffling then drawing lots. 23 was freaky. It made my heart feel very heavy after that. Haha. But I still enjoyed it anyway and we were like trying to spot 23s around after that. Lol!

Today's a happy day, right from the morning I was mysteriously happy. =)

Saturday, March 24, 2007
1:13 pm
Yet another week has passed. Time really flies by, shows how busy we all are. Sports Meet first finals is next friday. I'm throwing discus and I haven't trained. Oh well...

Yesterday's vball training was full of physical training for us Year 4s. The amazing thing was that we did much of it out of our own accord. Jiao Lian finally expressed that he can't really coach us so I can expect future trainings to continue this way.

Monday, March 12, 2007
9:47 pm
For once it didn't really matter even if Melissa and I were about an hour late for training.

I felt aimless during training today again. Emptiness in me. What's going to happen to our team next year? Are we going to take a hiatus? Are we going to continue training as we are now for the whole of next year? The pain came back, the heartache followed. The question kept ringing in my head... What's going to happen?

I passed by Temasek Poly on my way to Tampines yesterday when I was on Bus 15. When I saw that familiar gate and surroundings, I got reminded again. An emotion I can't describe filled me for a moment. Not regret, not exactly sadness.

On the other hand, sleep over at Michelle's house was quite fun. =)

Sunday, March 11, 2007
11:59 am
Last Friday was the last day Mr Low was with us. The school held a little Farewell Ceremony for him. Short as it was but it was touching. Mr Low is probably one of the very few Vice Principals who have made a impact on the students. There will be that missing element in the school from now and that missing element on our SC trips. It's hard to say goodbye but he can't be our VP forever, he's going to move on to be a greater someone.

I felt the pain in my heart, I had tears swelling in my eyes but I wish him all the best.

Friday, March 02, 2007
11:03 pm
I'm really HAPPY for my sister anyway. She did sooooo well for her A levels. I was smiling to myself quite widely when I saw her message. Tan, you are so smart!! Congrats!

10:28 pm
I have long wanted to blog but I was too caught up with other stuff. Yup. So we have had 3 trainings after the competition so far. It was really bad during the first one. I felt super aimless because our future was a total blur. No one knew whether we would still have a team next year for A division. And I felt old cause it is usually when you are going to 'retire' from your CCA at Sec 4 that training becomes slack and half-optional. Michelle and Melissa even left early. I kind of understand why they did so. We just didn't know where we were heading and we were definitely not the focus of jiao lian. For the record, I got a headache from looking at the balls flying. I felt like I kind of was wasting my time there. But it got a little better when we played with Alson, Zi Zheng and Jason.

The past two trainings things have gotten better though. It's quite ironic actually. It's like after the competition period and yet Zhi Xin and I are spiking better. And it's even weirder that we had a rather long break of about a week. It feels really great being able so spike well. It's like there will sort of be a bounce after spiking. It just comes naturally. & the playing of vball with the guys continued. They even want to have a proper match with us. Can't believe they are so serious about it but I think it's cool to have quite a number of them interested in volleyball. Something I don't remember seeing guys in DHS starting to play on their own in the past.


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