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Light the shadows
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
7:26 pm
The 6 days of relaxation and enjoyment is almost over. I love Chinese New Year! This year's might have been a little quiet but I still like it. Nevermind that we were spending much of our time stoning, watching tv and eating. There was still fun brought by the little babies. Dara is so cute and smart! The amazing thing is that there was no gambling and no playing of cards.

The cousins went out on chu yi night till 2 plus for bowling. We met a pro Japanese guy bowling on his own. He's really friendly and started smiling and talking to us. He gave us the red packets he won from bowling and this soft-toy keychain. And we watched Ghostrider on chu er. It's not as nice as the trailer makes it out to be. I don't recommend it. We watched Nacho Libre that night, and Step Up and Akeelah and the Bee yesterday too.

Ate super a lot over the past few days from reunion dinner night onwards. All the fattening goodies and tonnes of food but it's all just once a year! =)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
6:40 pm
We were really sad and disappointed. We wanted to much just to hold a throphy we could finally call our own. But our quest for that didn't succeed. We lost. We all cried and my heart really ached. It was the first time out of all the matches this year that I felt my heart pounding so hard and felt jin zhang on court. Luck was no where near us. Although I was quite certain before that that it would be a good day because so many people were wishing me luck and saying Jia You. Were we destinied to never have any achievement? It seemed like it was our fate since Sec 1. Tears came, we blamed ourselves but there was no turning back. I felt pathetic, felt like we were such a let down. I'm sure the teachers and Mr Teo wanted something but we failed to deliver. Sorry for the disappointment. & I've got to say a huge thanks to my sister for coming and being there. Love you to the bits!

Couldn't do anything constructive last night. I spent my 1 hour plus doing practically nothing. I was just meddling with my things but I just could not get onto anything else. I wasn't in any mood to do any homework or even study for the tests. During the announcement today tears welled up again. Mr Fong gave a encouraging smile but I quickly turned away instead of returning a smile. Opps. I just didn't want to make myself tear more. Imagine if I started crying up there in front of everyone. And by just telling Mabel about it I teared again. But at least I know Zhi Xin and Melissa are going through this too and we're going to get over it together. Actually by the time we went home together we were all fine. The little yi han still lingers though.

Sunday, February 11, 2007
12:41 pm
I haven't blogged for such a long time! All because school life and all the activites are making me so busy. Competitions and tests were enough to keep every single day packed with things to do. We even had Volleyball everyday for one week. I'm still busy. There are projects to be done which my various groups have barely started on. And this stressful life is making me look forward to CNY even more than ever. One more week to go!

But before that, it's going to be the Volleyball B girls' deciding match on TUESDAY!!! To all of you, we must play to our best and play steadily ya. We can win and we will! Just remember to be cool and calm and focused on the game. =)

Anyway, yesterday was Zhi Xin's birthday so the Ties and vballers gathered at her house for steamboat. It was a nice get together and sure were we super noisy. We had so much to eat. Thanks ZHI XIN!! & of course your parents as well! We watched the Jap version of Metoer Garden on channel 56 too. I swear the Taiwanese version has got a much more good-looking cast. The drama was slow and draggy at some parts, the HuaZeLei guy especially. He can take ages to say a line. I think I am going to follow the drama if I can. Up till now the Taiwanese one seems better but we shall see.


Yi Xian
Zhi Xin
Zhuo Wen

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