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Light the shadows
Saturday, January 27, 2007
1:30 pm
We had a brief friendly match with ACJC in school yesterday. I call it brief cause we played only 2 sets. But we did quite a lot of shouting and cheering so it was good. Spirits were up. =) And I felt surprisingly energetic yesterday from being totally awake once I woke up to moving to jie qiu during the match. I even took Si Ya's ball when it was clearly hers. Something got over me. Sorry Si Ya!

East Zone is starting on MONDAY, 29 JAN!!! I'm excited. We're up against Jun Yuan first. Jia You everyone. Keep the spirit up!

But I'm kind of sad because I will be missing investiture along with Zhi Xin and three juniors due to the competitions. Dinah will be missing too because of her Bball match. It's such a significant ceremony and yet 6 of us will not be there. It's especially so to Zhi Xin, Dinah and me. It's our last year. I want to say the pledge with all of them, I want to walk in the formation with all of them, I want to receive our badges/pins with them. My heart kind of felt suan when I was watching them do the final rehearsal on Wednesday. Everyone looked so smart and everything seemed very zhuang guan to me. Well, there isn't much of a choice. So while I miss this chance to wear my long sleeve shirt, blazer, stockings and court shoes and also to go on stage, I'm going to do a good job on the court, another sort of stage, along with my team.

And to all the SCs, all the best for investiture! It's a moment to be proud of.

Saturday, January 20, 2007
12:35 pm
I wonder on what basis my group(consisting of Mabel, Yi Hsin and I) got the SMP project. We didn't have any pass experience or stuff related to science. We only had results to show and all our explanations or reasons for choosing the projects were 3 sentences long or something. And we got our first choice project. That is super weird. The meetings with the mentor is supposed to be on Thursday at Singapore Poly so there goes my only free day. SIGH! Well, since we got it already, I hope it will be a fun experience. And that we can cope with everything.

One week more to East Zones!!! I think this year's has come too soon but we're going to play our best anyway. JIA YOU!

It's been a rather busy week so I haven't really got to blog about happenings over the last weekend. So here's what I wanted to blog about. A bit of an overdose but it's for me to keep "record".

12 Jan- (It should have been that day if my memory hasn't failed.) The nice 92 bus uncle stopped for us to get on although it was not a bus stop when some bball girl waved her arms to flag it. I guess it's because it was raining. But the uncle was really super nice. I didn't think he would actually stop. And that night I had a sinfully yummy chocolate cake. It tasted a little like ferrero rocher but only much nicer.

13 Jan- The cousins went to da paolo pizza bar opposite holland v. to celebrate my brother's birthday. The pizzas were really good. They were not the usually Pizza Hut stuff. I really liked the ambience too. We had a chocolate cake which was super duper chocolatey. It was from an ex-Ritz Carlton chef and nicer than the previous. Then we went to Kerri's house and played Cluedo. The first time ever in my life! It's really quite fun and makes you do all the thinking. And we watched Take The Lead too. It's nice to see them dancing but I think I prefer Step Up cause the dances are more hip-hop instead of ballroom.

14 Jan- Exco had a meeting and we surprised Dinah with a chocolate cake. So I had chocolate cake again!

15 Jan- My mum's birthday. We went to Ritz Carlton for dinner. And it was a seriously sinful indulgence in desserts. I think I had too much. And for the first time ever, I got sick of chocolate. We didn't eat the mummy's chocolate birthday cake at all cause we were all too full.

Friday, January 12, 2007
9:16 pm
I remember a really common topic for chinese compositions in primary school was "zui dao mei de yi tian". And I never believed anyone would meet such a day. I never believed so many bad things would happen on a day. I thought all the stories were cooked up and of course I cooked up mine too. But I experienced that today, sort of.

It all started in the morning when I woke up at 5.45am only to go back to sleep and wake up at 6.10am only! I had like only 10 mins to prepare before I had to go to Jing Xuan's house to take her car. So I chionged like mad and didn't get to eat my breakfast. This must be the first time ever.

Vball friendly match was horrible and disappointing. I was totally off form and not playing well. Anyone could have told. Mr Low was watching too and we could tell he was disappointed too. Let everyone down today. I think I really should squeeze in time no matter what to do PT and stuff. The past 2 weeks I didn't really get to train myself up. That probably explains today's poor performance. So yes, I'm going to jia you! Team spirit was lacking again. But we're going to work hard and overcome that problem in two weeks and off we go to zonals. Overcome the differences. We must want to WIN matches and we can do it. We had team talk. And new teacher Mr Ng spoke to us too. He really knows what we are thinking and feeling I think. All the things he said to us are so true. JIA YOU teammates! Focus and do our utmost best every second we're on court. Don't ever give up and be confident! & let's work TOGETHER.

Anyway I had to walk home from Kembangan with my heavy bag with super heavy textbooks, shoe bag and thick fat Maths file under the rain because my umbrella spoiled when I opened it.
Tell me if it was a bad day or not.

Saturday, January 06, 2007
5:05 pm
More about the orientation. Last night was work out session. Dancing and jumping made a lot of us perspire a whole load. & after reading Zhi Xin's blog I must say that I miss having a Yr 1 class to call my own. Getting to know thirty over of them well, sticking by them for a few days and still visiting them after the orientation is over. Guiding them along and cheering ever so loudly with them. Though of course being in comm is great too cos I love planning and stuff.

12 of us went to Marina Square food court to eat after orientation on Day2 anyway. The baked rice was a super good buy! And we had loads of fun playing "Gei Wo Tempo Ready Go!". I was super lousy and kept going "huh" but I have since improved a lot after reciting the beat a few times to myself that night. And we played 007 bang and Concentration too. It was a night full of laughter. =)

Friday, January 05, 2007
11:56 pm
Orientation is done! It's over. 3 days is really quite short to get the Year Ones into the mood. I think there was too little time in between for cheers. We didnt manage to teach a lot. But overall it was really fun and I'm quite sure the Yr 1s had fun too. They cheered quite loudly, sang along and danced along. Three cheers to the comm for all the hard work planning and carrying out the event itself. And of course to all the SFs who put in so much effort to get the Year Ones going. & the teachers for guiding all of us. =) I wish wish wish orientation could go on longer. It's fun to be with the "newbies" and doing things with the SFs!
The Year Ones were really sporting yesterday at my station(Radiator), during the Star Wars. The field was super muddy but a lot of them just ran. And some skidded or fell and got all dirty but they didnt complain :)

Anyway, Mabel and I went along with our class for Extreme for a while. We played the candle game and our class won that. But that isnt the thing, we were CHAMPIONS in the end for the whole thing! I feel really happy for all of them. A pity I wasn't there most of the time. Jon Sung is still the all-time entertainer. His cute dances became our way to getting more bonus points. He really made me laugh quite hard. GO 4J!!!

A lot of things are going on next week so I kind of look forward. CCA exhibitions on Monday. Training on Monday. Trials on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So it's going to be 4 continuous days of vball stuff. I'm excited about getting new Yr 1 juniors!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007
4:06 pm
It's a new year already. We're living in 2007 now! 2006 came and went so quickly. It was full of ups and downs. Getting overly stressed but having very fun moments too.

Right at the start was DHS Voyage. Making new friends and adapting into a new class. Then there was working so hard and crying over volleyball. There were overseas trips, doing so much with Student Council be it meetings or events or camps. Fun in Thailand with team-o4 and others. All the memories to keep...

I wonder how is life going to be like for this year. School is all the way at Mt Sinai, SC has so much stuff we want to do, we volleyball b'girls are aiming to get into nationals, it's a important year for all Year 4s. ahh. So many more things. Just hope and wish I will succeed in making 2007 a better year =)

Back to the last day of 2006. The cousins went to Suk Fen's condo for our party/gathering. We had steamboat and it was so much food. Yum Yum. We played games. 007 and some DIY game. It was real fun. We didnt really countdown again, like last year. We had no TV, radio or whatever else to get the accurate timing. So once we heard the fireworks we just started to make loads of noise with the stuff in our party bags. All of us sat around until 1plus. It was a night well-spent with them and a new year started with a big bang.


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