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Light the shadows
Saturday, December 30, 2006
9:45 pm
It was a full day of SC today. Almost 12 hours I think but I enjoyed. It was quite fun and constructive although we didn't play any games. & We're going to work hard next year for the various stuff! I'm all excited about next year. Orientation will be great I'm sure. Yay =)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
6:23 pm
Surprise surprise! My dad got the whole family christmas presents. It shocked me sooo much. My exclamation was so loud that it woke my sister up. How sweet of my dad. =) I think this is the first and it's really cool stuff.

For my sister and me!

I have yet to go shopping this whole holidays! And I have only 1 week left. Time flew by so quickly. Too quickly. Vball and SC took up 7 weeks just like that. But maybe that doesn't really matter. Kept me occupied instead of dying from horrible headaches at home. And I just need 1 day, I think, to shop. =) Shall it be tmr?

Friday, December 22, 2006
10:43 pm
Today was registration for the new batch of Year 1s coming in next year. Amazingly I slept at 12plus and woke up at about 4.30am and still felt energetic! =) I still didn't get to do the counter job I've wanted to do since I joined SC but nvm.

After registration was friendly with Nanyang. We won 2 out of 3 sets! YAY! Of course winning all 3 would have been the best but doesnt matter. We were noiser today and spirits were up! THREE CHEERS! So we played quite well. Although individually I think I wasn't in the best form. Work harder!

Anyway, I had this weird urge to do something SC after the friendly. Just simply anything but obviously there was nothing to do. So Melissa, Michelle, Zhi Xin and I went to Orchard. We walked around a little before Michelle left and the remaining of us went to Cine to watch CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER. I think it is a good movie although I still don't understand some parts. I get the general idea though. It's super good visual wise to me too. And I'm amazed how the director can command soooooo many people to do the same thing at the same time with such syncrony. =)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
8:06 pm
It was a bad start to a day this morning. I didn't feel the excitement to go for friendly match probably because orientation dryrun was starting in the morning too. And later Yimei msged to say 4 of the Yr 2s were not going so I was kind of angry with them. Friendly match turned out bad in the end. But I guess I should thank everything for happening. It made Zhi Xin and I let out all we had finally. I didn't really mean to actually, wanted to hold back but Jiao Lian asked. Hopefully after today's event everyone will start feeling the importance of trainings, friendly matches and the ZONALS.

So Zhi Xin and I went to school after lunch. And by the time we were there they were done. I felt quite bad for missing so much. And way home wasn't any much better. Basically I was feeling down all the way until I reached home.

Tomorrow will be a better day I hope. I can put my whole mind into the dryrun.

Thursday, December 14, 2006
4:27 pm
Captain's ball tournament at Potong Pasir CC today. Eva was super enthu. Anyway I more or less dragged myself there. It was okay except for the long waiting time for the next match. A lot of pro teams. & we played 2 out of 4 games only. Decided to have a walkover for the other 2 due to impatience and because of a shortage of ppl. We played volleyball with some Xinmin girls too and I think that was more fun than the captain's ball matches. The passion =)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006
5:25 pm
Today's training wasn't very good for me. But friday will be a better day!

Seems like the year 4 classrooms are really all over the place according to Mabel at least. And the library thing isn't fake afterall. Poor 4J is smacked to one corner ALONE again. Please cry. Talk about bonding within the level. Putting the same level classes will help A LOT ok. I'm scared of next year already. Looks like it's going to be worse than this year. No more Miss Tan as Bio teacher. That is super sad! I wonder if Bio will be that interesting again. Hopefully whoever is taking over will teach well.

I really hope for the best for next year. I need an enjoyable secondary school life that I can remember forever. I don't want to be detached from the other classes AGAIN!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006
5:01 pm
We had our first training in Mt Sinai today. It was quite good. No more running far far away to get the balls. BUT the floor was super duper dirty. It made our hands all black. So we're going to mop the floor on Wednesday before training starts. And we could do with two courts too, although one was still ok. It's a indoor court finally afterall. A pity we would have to share the place with Wushu next year so we wont get to train inside until 4 or 430pm if I'm not wrong. Ah well, nevermind. Be satisfied.

Monday, December 04, 2006
8:45 pm

8:20 pm
Going by the rate we played today, I think it's quite bad. I wonder why is it we seem to play better during our trainings but I can't exactly pin-point the main problem. It's just losing a few balls here and there due to little mistakes by different people. We really have to FOCUS during the match and open our mouths to liven up the court. It was super quiet today somehow. Both teams were super quiet. I try to shout whenever I deem appropriate but it never seems enough. Atmosphere was still dead, everyone was almost dead.

It's really tough. My reaction still seems super slow although I never realise it. I don't want it to be this way either. So I am going to push myself to the max until I collapse or something. At least I know I have tried. And lifting my arms up high and straight to spike seems so difficult too. Sometimes when I try and I think I have lifted it up high and straight but Jiao Lian still says it isn't. I must do A LOT of physical training. But I can't seem to find the time these days. Other than days with volleyball I should be quite free but somehow I'm not. Either I have a headache or I'm just feeling weird and uncomfortable or it's raining and I can't go out or I'm not even at home. I really want to play well badly every single time and stop feeling tired, stop having arms that feel suan or back that aches. Got to push on harder!!!

We have to buck up and do our best every training and friendly match! Take home every single experience and work on it. To team-o4 it's our last chance of achieving something in the East Zones! Aim for at least a 4th and work hard towards it. I know if we're on form we can do it. So make us on form every single match.


Sunday, December 03, 2006
9:04 pm
Orchard Road was full of people!! My sister, mum and I went there to shop. Looked around for my bag too but not a single nice and suitable one. We saw Christopher Lee at the Taka foodie place. And I saw the Haunted House guy from Escape who scared Zhi Xin. Haha. Zhi Xin was really scared in the place. I remember how tightly she held onto my shoulders that it ached after we came out. Oh and how she pulled me back and hid her face. We saw some people marching on the road too. I wonder what's the occasion.

We have a friendly at Punggol tmr anyway. Happy travelling to all of us. I think we'll take an hour.

Friday, December 01, 2006
2:52 pm
OMG. I actually forgot Mabel's birthday! Some sort of friend I am. Chalet made me live in a trance I was unaware it was MABEL'S BIRTHDAY! Here's a public apology to her. SORRY MABEL. SUPER DUPER SORRY!

So, vball chalet ended on the 29th of Nov but I'm only blogging now because I was too tired the past few days. I must say Sec 3s have become a lot closer to the Sec 2s! In other words, the B'girls team is more bonded now. Compare it to Sec 3s and the Sec 4s graduating. I wonder why there's that huge gap between us.

Chalet was fun. First day was mostly staying in the chalet and playing. Sleeping was a problem and my legs couldn't stretch at all the whole night. The next day we went to Escape and it ended up raining after 2 rides only. =( But after it stopped we continued and I think we rode everything we could and that was fun enough. BBQ made us bloated! We had loads and loads of food. It was too much actually. So until 12midnight we were still barbequing. We went to the beach that night and it was quite chilly. Sat on the breakwater for quite long. I saw a SHOOTING STAR!! Same as the one I saw before at the canal near my house. & I made a wish! After we went back to the chalet we continued talking till 5plus or 6am and we went to sleep. The next day was just wake up, wash up and check out. =)

Oh ya and huge thanks to krystal for preparing the chicken wings!!


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Zhuo Wen

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