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Light the shadows
Saturday, November 25, 2006
10:20 pm
My family went to Kushin-bo to eat today! And I'm soooo full now. My sister and I went down earlier to get a table since we couldn't make any reservation. We were given a table next to a Korean family. The guy looked so so sooooo much like Xin from Gong!! If only I could take a picture of him, everyone would agree he looks like Xin. And there was this little boy. He is super duper cute!! The way he took small bites from his marshmellow was so amusing. He suddenly came over to my sister and I and gave my sister a kiss. LOL. and he kept showing us his barney CD. He continued to hug and kiss my sister and hanging around towards our side until he had to go.

The language barrier didn't hinder him from coming to us at all. Honestly I don't think a Singaporean kid will do that. Parents will definitely stop him.

Anyway, after he left and the rest of my family came, we started eating. For the first time I tasted chocolate fondue that was really nice and made my sister and I take more and more and more. The food isn't as good a before but nvm. I'm satisfied especially after meeting the cute Korean boy! =)

Friday, November 24, 2006
11:58 pm
Friendly matches at CHIJ SJC were quite fun today. But I wish we could play more. We went for lunch at Compass Point after. And Fat Club bought more food after lunch AGAIN. OMG. Zhi Xin and I went to Mt Sinai for meeting after that and it was fun time meeting. We were lighting candles and singing birthday songs super loudly. Talk about enthusiasm. HAHA.

AND AND AND my P6 class had a BBQ today at ECP! =)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006
8:27 pm
Yesterday was probably the last day in Tanjong Rhu for me until 2 years later. 2 long long years. I will miss DHS at Tanjong Rhu and everything about it. Can't wait till two years later.

Anyway, after staying 6+ or even more hours at Mt Sinai yesterday, I think I feel quite neutral towards it. But I still think the gardens and the plants should be saved! And the wild grasses should be gotten rid of. I don't like the mess. Tanjong Rhu campus has much nicer and neater gardens. =)

Melissa and Zhi Xin were down with some sort of laughing disease today. So Michelle and I were slightly infected. The friendly matches at Cedar were fine. They spike really well so during the spiking time before the matches it was super scary. Fast balls were zooming pass us or to us even. We played better after one or two matches but still embarassments here and there. After more friendly matches we will be better! The four of us went to Michelle's house after the friendly. We were supposed to be just go there to cool down and fill our bottles but ended up taking our lunch there. Really makes me wonder why her mum cooked so much that we could suddenly pop by and eat there.

We went down to Parkway after that. Walked all over to look for a present. In the end we decided what to buy but didn't buy yet. The newly invented Fat Club went to KFC and I tagged along. I'm just a partial member maybe. LOL. Then we went to check out prices at Giant for our BBQ. Organising a BBQ with a budget is horrible. I think we won't exceed but I hope there will be enough food. If not I'll be DEAD. We were sampling food there for a while. Fat Club lives up to it's name! And Zhi Xin still wanted to drink bubble tea after that. She's the ultimate! But she's still so skinny.

A simple day out with them always turns out nice. It's always fun and laughter especially with Melissa around.

Friday, November 17, 2006
11:46 pm
I was totally sleepy and tired during training. My energy was at level 3 only, out of a scale of 10. Naturally I was playing badly and wasn't in the mood to scream and shout or be lively.

Zhi Xin, Michelle, Melissa, Serene and I went to Bugis after training to eat. Then Serene left after a while. So the remaining four of us walked around a little. I was so tired and I wanted very badly to sleep. Effects having to wake up at 6plus when I sleep at about 12 midnight! But we ended up going to Zhi Xin's house to play in the end. The afternoon nap I intended to have was ruined and so was Melissa's goal of not eating junk food today. We ended up playing PlatStation. And it was fun! We had pizza for dinner and I swear we ate A LOT. Maybe not Zhi Xin but the 3 of us did. Oh gosh. I think I can starve myself tmr. Then we went down to play vball till about 10pm before we went home. Today was a pure whole full day with the team. Coolios!

I dread waking up at 7am tmr. TIRED!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
10:33 pm
I just came home from SC camp not long ago. It's touching to see that after 3 days of being together, the groups bonded really well. When the SCs volunteered to share about their thoughts and feelings about the camp, I wished that we could carry on camping and spending time together. Hearing how much they bonded with one another and hearing all the interesting "stories", I was touched. The words reached deep into me. Especially when Dinah spoke, I almost teared along. It's the beginning and SCs must keep the spirit up together. We must make a difference.

Everybody's efforts were commendable. Throughout the 3 days, the enthusiasm was never down no matter how long and packed the day was.

This camp was a learning experience for me too. I'm going to speak more confidently! And planning a Street Chase is really not easy. Even after I tried to plan the routes a number of times, some groups still proceeded much faster than others.

Yup, so the next time the committee plans anything again, it will be better!

To all the SCs out there, we will work as one and achieve goals together! Continue to shower each other with care and concern! =)

Friday, November 10, 2006
8:33 pm

STEP UP rocks!!! I love to see them dance. =)

Thursday, November 09, 2006
2:23 pm
I'm going to miss more trainings! 3 and a half continuously. Oh gosh. I shall do a lot of PT on my own if not I'll totally lose form. But I think I injured my hips slightly while walking after jogging yesterday. How dumb.

Group 2 did our presentation at St Anthony's Canossian today. The girls are so lovable. =) Tommorow's Haig Girls. And then I'm done with this project. I guess it's quite a fun project afterall when it comes to the end.

Monday, November 06, 2006
9:34 pm
School cluster project is giving us a lot of problems!!! Schedule clashes plus competitions and all coming up. Busy!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006
10:55 pm

Went to school today with Zhi Xin for meeting till 12 plus. Then we went to TNS to meet Melissa and Michelle! The carnival was really kiddie so we left after a few minutes to ECP! We ate at Mcdonalds. Then went to blade. Melissa and Michelle rented. We set off towards Fort Road but my blades were crap! the left side was weird so I couldn't blade properly. It slanted to one side but nothing wrong at all with the wheels. The balls of my left foot hurt like mad so Melissa and Michelle pulled me there and back. I took over Michelle's blades at the rent shop cos her feet hurt and she cycled. The wheels were super good. Really fast and smooth. So off we went all the way to SAFRA and back. It was so satisfying. I think we were out on blades for 3 whole hours! Good PT! Jiao Lian will be so glad if he knows we did that. Hope to go on another blading trip like today again! But this time with my own good blades that works well.

Friday, November 03, 2006
9:09 pm
Today's the last day of school and it doesn't feel like it. Took some photos in class. For the first time, I want to continue going to school like a normal schooling day next monday! Of course with the lesser workload and stuff.

xiong di bang

my cute...weird creature

It's not long before the school moves to Mt Sinai officially. I'm going to miss the Tanjong Rhu campus, small as it is. We must take loads of photos after training ok.

we love DUNMAN HIGH!

Went to Marina Square today with the same bunch of people. Simple afternoon out =)

toliet people

Wednesday, November 01, 2006
9:16 pm
Oh gosh. Next week is the first week of holidays but... BOOM! I'm going to be so busy!! Intensive rehearsals and stuff for the school cluster project on 6 and 7 nov. 8.30am to 530pm.!I'll be glad if I come out alive. Presentation on 8, 9 and 10 nov so there goes my mornings! And I'll miss at least a training. If the rehearsals are that important I might just miss THREE in a row.

I'm going to miss 6I chalet this year!!!!!!! Aye! I love my primary 6 class. It's like the only time I get to meet a whole bunch of them. It clashes with SC camp. Exact same dates, 13 to 15. The only consolation is that I'm going to have fun at the SC camp. I'll make sure that happens. =)


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