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Light the shadows
Saturday, October 28, 2006
5:20 pm
A whopping 13 of us went to our holding school at Mt Sinai yesterday. It gave me a bad bad feeling. Some parts are really old and everything is in a mess and there are loads of dust around. If they don't clear all that up, we will all suffer there. It's not all that run down but the feeling it gives anyone who steps in certainly isn't anything good. It's going to be the last week of school and the last week in the Tanjong Rhu campus where I've been in for 3 years! The thought is bringing a tinge a sadness. I'm going to miss the place and the days I can just call my mum up and have her fetch me or just take a short bus ride home. Not a 30 minutes train ride! It's going to be tiring and boring. I must have stuff to entertain myself on my journey there and back home. MP3? A nice book? Magazine? hmmm...

I'm excited yet not so excited about next year. The new environment and area with Holland Village being so near excites me but the mess and distance bores me. I didn't get to see Vball's training ground anyway. Either the indoor court is hidden in some weird corner or the lines aren't drawn yet.

Trick or treat later. Thank goodness I asked Melissa what time again. If not I was going to arrive at Agnes' house almost 2 hours earlier.

Monday, October 23, 2006
10:45 pm
Today's training was super satisfying for me! YAY! After so long I finally felt what it is like to enjoy a training. As Zhi Xin says the wait is worth while. I think it's because I didn't really do much receiving today so there was no chance to be demoralised by that. So I was happy and spiked happily. =)

Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA! Really hope we can go out tmr night. Ice skating or anything. Haha. So recce must be quick tmr.

Sunday, October 22, 2006
8:15 pm
Went out yesterday with Mr Yeo, Mabel and Benjamin to recce for the SC camp thing. I saw so many interesting things I've never seen before or noticed. The race is going to be fun! We saw Zoey Tay, Terence Cao and Jeff Wang too. Location not to be revealed! hehe.

Then I went to Vivo at night. It was really crowded. Met the cousins and we went to eat at Asian Kitchen to celebrate Feng and Long's Birthday. Zha Jiang Mian and Xiao Long Bao! YUMYUM. The chocolate cake from cedele looked really normal BUT it's appearance is deceiving. I think it was quite good. We walked around a little before moving on to Suk Fen's house with snacks. Pigging out while watching Pink Panther. It's quite a hilarious show. It was meaningless but brought us quite some laughter. I had a great time out. =)

Friday, October 20, 2006
10:13 pm
Five of us went down to Changkat Changi for the meeting that we were informed sooooo last minute about. Zara and Szu Yee were pulled along at the very very very last minute too. Imagine after school I told them about it and asked them to join and immediately we had to go for the meeting that afternoon. Zara and I are in the same group!! YAY! Together we felt weird and left out. We shared opinions about the whole thing. High 5 Zara! It was quite an experience cause they were all from different schools and our working styles are quite different. More to go until the 10th of Nov. Jia you to all of us!

I missed today's training because of that last minute thing. Ting Pei and I were fuming mad actually. Anybody can guess why I suppose. But no choice! Before we left for the primary school I was happily thinking training was cancelled, and it really was at first. But suddenly at 6plus I realised it resumed afterall. Aye, whatever. I guess they had a good training. And Jiao Lian must have had a much better time with me missing.

I wish I had magical powers to make me have really fast reaction and become a good player.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
8:28 pm
These two days have been really fun. Simple but happy days.

But I broke my record of waking up late for 2 days in a row. Yesterday was because I forgot to switch on the alarm and today was because I didn't check the time I set earlier. It was 6.35pm and not am so I woke up late once again. Cheers to me. But on the other hand, I managed to reach school like 20mins after I woke up and that's amazing.

It was fun playing with team-o4 and the bunch of year 3 guys. They are good. They all can jump and hang in the air. So their blockings are scary. I'll either shut my eyes or turn away half the time when spiking. Yuan Wei keeps blocking my spikes successfully and Alson has got power serve. It was good time playing volleyball ytd and today. Nothing serious to think about or worry about. =) I wish I can carrying on playing vball like that for life.

Went to Orchard ytd with Michelle, Melissa and Zhi Xin. We stumbled on the Paper People shop in Far East. I was looking for it so hard last time but couldn't find and when I forgot about it, it appeared. So what they say is true. When you're looking for something you won't be able to find it but when you're not, it appears. We ate fried mars bars which wasn't that fantastic, I think the ice cream that went with it was more yummy. "chocoliciousicecream" so said Zhi Xin when she saw it.

fried mars bars and ice cream

World Trade Centre was not nice! So I've decided that I shall stick to my "no watching of 9/11 related movies". I don't know why but I've always not wanted to watch those movies. If not for Melissa and the rest who wanted to watch it I wouldn't have went. I don't want to spend 2 hours on my own in Orchard you know. I'm not like Michelle. It was the first movie I almost fell asleep on. Boring! But nvm, it was an experience. Or was it not?

As for today, Zhi Xin, Melissa and I went to Marine Parade hawker centre. I think the people there ran out of ice, I couldn't have my ice kachang. Both stalls were closed! We went to Vivo after that. Finally managed to convince Melissa! YAY. Vivo is huge so the shops are huge too. It was very wavy everywhere and there's no way anyone can shop in an oriented manner in there. The food court at the 3rd level was super cool. it was oriental style. From the signs to the chairs and tables. I haven't seen any foodie place more cheena than that. It was nice, a fresh setting. But I think going there too often will make me sick of it. I just remembered we didn't see the permanent biennale art pieces. Or maybe we just didn't notice. Wonder where's the huge rocket... The next time we go there I will find it!! And we are going to shop instead of walking around the shopping centre and hardly shopping. Oh the table soccer in the Adidas stall is not to be missed. Lol.

i love this cos it reminds me of wu jian dao

can anyone explain why there's a hole there?

olden style menu

2 little kids who want some candies

when orange looks black

We had much fun coming back too anyway. Laughing gas was present in that Mrt train. =)

Sunday, October 15, 2006
1:08 pm
lovely dunman dolls

I've been having headache since I woke up. Maybe it's because I slept at about 12 last night or because i slept for 10 hours plus.

It was a tiring but fun day yesterday. SCs did a lot of stuff. From ushering to laying out the magazines and badges to welcoming guests and saying goodbye to them. Good job everyone!! And not forgetting taking photos of ourselves. Ok, that wasn't duty. =) The gala dinner was cool, all the performances were really good. Now I really think that our schools performing arts are a great bunch. I didn't really know how to appreciate the music and dances last time. The Prime Minister was there so security was tight and it's really a privilege to be able to be there to do duty for all of the SCs. Imagine a PM at a school's 50th anniversary dinner. Definitely not something that happens often.

Saturday, October 14, 2006
9:08 am
Yesterday was a full day of volleyball. Almost. Lower sec interclass in the morning and training in the afternoon. Jia you team-o4 & my great juniors!! We must become better! It's difficult, I think I know that very very well. It's tiring sometimes, our mind just gets overloaded with the thought of improving or changing and trying. But, we shouldn't stop there.

Anyway, the Biennale exhibition at Tanglin camp was cool. Apart from the stuff that Mr Teo explained to us, I understood nothing else. Smart me. Cashflow was quite fun too. It's an expensive game..

Going to be at Suntec in less than an hour for god knows how long. But I'm glad. It's going to be fun! The gala dinner will be a success!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
8:20 pm
I was totally weird today. I can't explain how I felt after Ben said meeting at 3pm and I sat on the floor and said stupid things to Mabel. I truely did not have anything against the meeting unless it was subconscious or something. I wasn't pissed but I just felt like being alone. Yes that's it. But I don't know why. Sorry to all of you present just now.

I was weird yesterday too. Mabel, June, Tze Lin, Mr Yeo, Miss Yeo and Mdm Loh can testify. OMG, it was horribly embarrassing. A HUGE sorry to all of you again. I can't explain why it happened too. I did not choke and wasn't about to. It was as sudden for you as it was for me.

I'm watching Liu Xing Hua Yuan again! But some of the discs can't work and I miss nice parts but I can't do anything so live with it! Anybody who has a complete set can offer to lend me though. hehe. =) Still thanks to Ting Pei, at least I can watch some. After this will be Full House! Been wanting that for a long long time. Finally found someone who has it. =) and someone trustable, not Eva who cheated me! Haha.

Tmr is an exciting day. Biennale and rehersal for 50th. Hope I don't die of boredom though. Both activities can be like the extremes.

Friday, October 06, 2006
10:27 pm
It's mooncake festival today and there's no bright round moon to look at! IT'S ALL THE HAZE'S FAULT!!! I hate the haze! It makes Singapore look dirty and polluted which she is now and it's bad bad bad for us. All the freaks who created this will have no good ending. Karma!!

There isn't really the mooncake festival mood this year. Without the presence of the celebrations in school this year, I suddenly realise how much I love them, especially last year's. Running around the school at night, it was soooo cool!

After meeting today, I joined Zhi Xin to meet a whole lot of people. It hit a record high of 10 people at one time. They are a bunch of funny funny people. And Hannah is so cute! Her way of eating is like OMG. First person I know who needs a drink to help her swallow her food and chewing like 100 times before swallowing that mouth of pizza. LOL! Oh and she randomly says hi to people. Now the Taiwanese are going to go back to Taiwan with the impression Singaporeans are friendly(not crazy I hope)!! Boost tourism here. Yeah!

Now I can go about doing the things on my list. =) Off to finish off the OC now!!


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