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Light the shadows
Friday, September 22, 2006
11:05 pm
Joseph's look for the LA Film is highly amusing!

After EOYs I will be so relieved. I've made a list of what I want to do when I was bored studying =) I'll be looking forward and for now GOOD LUCK EVERYONE for the upcoming exams!

Saturday, September 09, 2006
11:39 pm

I enjoyed watching Forbidden City! The voices of the actors and actresses were good. Hossan Leong and the other guy provided good comic relief. =) And Esplanade Theatre is such a cool place! I love it!!! The stage is huge and I'm amazed by how some of the props work. I really like the dances where they incooperated kung-fu too!

Friday, September 08, 2006
10:46 pm
Friendly with Pei Cai today wasn't the best thing. As usual we played the best during the last match. Some mysterious element was missing! I seriously don't know what it is and we need to identify it soon to play better! AND I'm trying to shout everytime I find something to shout about already BUT we're still so quiet while Pei Cai's like NOISY!!! I wonder why...Enough about that

I'm really HAPPY I got my Jay Chou CD already!!YAY!! & I'm watching Forbidden City tomorrow, as many other DHS peeps are. Looking forward to that. PLUS I can finally start studying for the great big EXAMS. =)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
11:15 pm
This is so frightening!!Exactly 1 month from now, exams will end. I should be happy on a normal cicumstance but no because I'm still struggling with homework and not revising. But still I feel accomplished. 3 maths papers down! I didn't do every single question though, some were just sooo out of my reach.

Reading Melissa's and Zhi Xin's blog and thinking about the friendly matches yesterday again, we really played BADLY. "We are all to blame" is so accurate! All of us just simply had some sort of mistake here and there and everything added up to cause our lost. Haven't felt the glory and happiness of playing well for a match in a long long while. Actually, the only time was when we beat Jurong but we still didn't get anywhere in the competition. We're usually on the losing end, I think we feel numb to it though we do want to do better too. Honestly, after yesterday, I don't really feel optimistic about next year's zonals. Opps...We all need to work a lot harder and together. It's difficult but we need to get there. Aye, just hope for the best. Once EOYs are over, everything will be about volleyball and SC, I'm going to concentrate on these 2 more then studying for the rest of the year I think.

Where's my jay chou cd..?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006
11:23 pm
We had friendly with Xin Min Sec today and we lost all the matches . But I don't think it mattered a lot, at least we got a experience and hopefully we'll play better this friday against Pei Cai!

Anyway, I got cheated of my feelings!! Jay Chou's album should be out today according to Alfa Music's website but it turns out it isn't yet. At least it isn't at the CD-Rama outlet in Marine Parade.

This September holiday is really packed! All we have is a pathetic one week but there are many things to attend and many things to do and by that I just mean homework. Exams are in 23 DAYS!!!But I have not started doing my revision from topic 1 for any subject yet, except Biology, I read the 1st chapter which isn't really part of the exams. All I can do is hope for the best and that I can miraculously manage my time super well and finsh all I need to in time.
Talk about not being result-oriented, I think it's impossible.

Saturday, September 02, 2006
9:56 pm
Parent-child day today was okay only. I didn't find it that useful, just that small bit only I think.

We had Farewell for Sec 4 SCs after that. A LOT of Sec 3s did not turn up. It was quite disappointing but things went on. Schedule was kind of delayed quite a bit but the program still turned out fine. I really hope the Sec 4s and the teachers like the gifts and hope they all had a good time.

A simple affair and a simple gathering is good. =)


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