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Light the shadows
Monday, June 26, 2006
9:21 pm
PHOTOS from yesterday
chocolate fudge from swiss bake

9:11 pm
thanks for the cake people! it was yummy!! oh... and the yogurt too =)

Saturday, June 24, 2006
10:58 pm
accidentally spastic

i love salmon sashimi

actually...we both do

my lovely parents! thanks for the yummy dinner!!


this is what you get to see at counter seats

and this too...

time for a short walk...


my first prezzie

fits well!

had my early bday dinner at hanabi just now. it was jap buffet and im super full now. received my first bday present. thanks kor and suk fen! i love the shirt. it fits well!! =)

Friday, June 23, 2006
6:22 pm
i bought a pants and two tops from mango sale!! it was quite a quick and fruitful. hehe =)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
9:31 pm
we had training today and my legs were quite wobbly from the PT but it got okay after that. team-o4 went to bugis after that. had lunch at bugis and went on shopping at bugis street. we chanced upon the magic shop and serene gave the person there a hard time. but he was super funny and lame. kept saying he was stressed. we stayed there for quite some time and he did this trick with a magic pen and "poked" it through a 50-dollar note. serene tried to learn and poked a hole in her note. the hole stayed. his didnt. and that guy took a picture cos he said he hasnt seen anyone do that before. it was really quite stupid. hahaa. went to icon later, it wasnt that interesting. again, it was a good day out with them =)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
6:20 pm
green riding hood+ scream= scary berry?


KAREN's happy&gay leader

ben's cowboy hat

death railway!!

kanchanaburi trip was GOOD! although last year's chiang mai trip might have been more fun this one is enjoyable too.

day ONE
got to know our instrutor aka AZAD!!!he's really cool. KAREN is lucky to have him. =) we almost lost michelle at night, thank goodness nothing happened.

day TWO
we sat on the death railway train. scenery was good =) night walk was quite boring. we basically held hands and walked in darkness in the national park, nothing much. but when we looked up into the sky it was like OMG!! you can see a billion stars. it was super nice!

trekking up the 7-tier waterfall at ERAWAN NATIONAL PARK(erawan waterfalls) was okay, it was more fun at the higher levels where it was steeper. we dipped into part of the waterfall for a while but a pity i was quite restricted. we played sightless soccer which was really cool. KAREN won! YAY!!! had outdoor cooking which i slacked quite a bit. the different groups cooked different stuff like chicken(karen & lisu), bamboo rice(kamu) and eggs&vegetables(akha). we played the candle game at night and i was quite retarded and slow but still it was a fun game. at least i managed to break the opponent's string once :)

day FOUR
went to a school for school visit. we stood in this truck to go there. 40 students plus teachers and instructors. we were singing and cheering our way there =) planted tree with the kids there, played friendly vball with them, soccer for some, barbequed corn and mine totally FAILED. so disgusting!! it was on the grass and ash, even if i washed it i wouldn't dare eat it. then we went to the PRATHAT CAVE. trekking up and down was super fun and good. it was really steep so it made us all tired and soaked with sweat. the cave was damn cool also. the stones/rocks in the cave had so many shapes and figures that we made out to be some things like skulls, duck, buddha etc. we had the protect the egg activity again. my group's cracked on the first throw. we had campfire that night. it was quite fun except we did the thai dance which was quite repetitive for quite long. we did friendship dance too. that was cool =) akha's "performance" for the night. quite creative of them. the lom jiam pa which the instructor's contributed was funny. singing along was enjoyable as usual.

day FIVE
lunch was super good. haha. we were supposed to go to the Thailand Muangboran Ancient City Park but there were 3 people sick so we didnt. ended up shopping at some shopping mall and i bought a wallet!!!! yay! im really happy with that. :P at night, karen had a good time writing reflections and autographs. we laughed and went crazy in the room.

day SIX
breakfast then home sweet home.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
7:40 pm
went to serene's house for baking ytd. it was fun. thanks serene for sacrificing your house. =)

talked with jiejie for ages last night till the wee hours this morning. from 11 plus 12 to about 1.07AM. haha. it was really good cause it's been some time since we shared with each other about happenings in our lives. thanks for listening and thanks for sharing jie! your life story is soooo interesting. share more with me next time okay :) we waked up to watch brazil's match at 3AM too. OMG

met ying xian today and we talked quite a bit about the usual stuff like volleyball especially. i saw ben again. it was quite a good day out

i haven't packed my bag for thailand trip and im leaving tmr!! i feel quite excited but yet dont really feel like im going TMR!! and esp after talking to jie, i think i'm going to miss home even more. haha. but i'll have my second family with me, aka team-o4!!! yay!

Monday, June 12, 2006
8:53 pm
okay.so LA Film Project is due 1st week Term 3 but uncooperative members ive got they PISS ME OFF. Filming is no where near a start much less an end and even further from editing. What's wrong with these people? I think Joseph blocked me alright. I haven't even started to pester him. CRAP. I really want to wash my hands off but how can I with this being a group project. Trying so hard to coordinate the first filming session to get the ball rolling but no one seems interested at all. I know I won't have a say in how things are filmed nor be part of the film probably the passer by only when they realise I'm still around. Same goes to Mabel, we're in the same boat. I'm only trying to contribute by getting things organised but looks like they want me out of it and not to touch anything. I'm boiling. Maybe I should just go out tmr with friends who at least realise I'm still living. My piece of advice here to everyone: choose your groupmates really carefully and be much more careful when you enter a new class. Maybe only some know what I mean...

Friday, June 09, 2006
10:39 pm

day out with team-o4 was good!! okay...as usual not the full team but nvm. just spending the whole day there slacking and soaking up the not so sunny sunshine is good. yes, i failed to get my untanned parts tanned but it was still good. was really bad in playing volleyball on the beach at first.but we got better. and yay we were happy with how we ended up playing in the end =)) played among ourselves, played with some guys from admiralty sec(?), played with the uncle tending the stall there. hahaha. kk. i think they gave up playing with us cos we were too lousy but hey, it was our first time! we are so going to be pro in future.hahaa. waddled in the sea and kayaked!! or was it canoed? hahaa.whatever...rowing out in the sea. much more fun then at level camp cos the waves move your kayak/canoe.

im feeling really high now cause i had a great time today! i love such a carefree day. nothing to worry about, just have fun and relax out there, play some volleyball, get wet a little and kayak!!!!or canoe.. dictionary.com says kayak is a lightweight canoe

and no... we didn't let the wet weather, the on-off light rains and drizzles dampen our moods. but the next time we go back there which has to be soon, we're going on a sunny day :P

Sunday, June 04, 2006
10:24 pm
she's the man is adapted from twelve night. i only knew that when my sister told me on friday night after i watched the movie. i'm hoping to watch the movie again so i can spot the similarity between the movie and the play. haha. i read the play 2 years ago and i vaguely remember certain things but apparently the names in the movie didn't remind me of the play! shows how bad i am at linking up things.

cip yesterday was quite bad. i sold one ticket only. it was just really difficult ytd somehow. so i decided to make myself useful and did balloon sculpturing. come to me if you want a flower!! =))

Friday, June 02, 2006
8:35 pm

yay!we're all clean

team-o4 all the way. you two are soooo CUTE

melissa loves chicken rice

serene loves spaghetti

i love pasta

what's your pick zhi xin?


Today was vballers day out but with missing people. So it was just Melissa, Zhi Xin, Serene and me! We went to the Singtel building for lunch and headed to cineleisure. We watched She's The Man. Duke was like the perfect guy, if only such guys existed. haha. I think Serene's heart melted. Went to Far East and saw some people practising hip-hop dance for their competition. It was so cool! If only we could stay to watch the real competition. It was a good day out and we took quite some photos as compared to normal. hahaa

8:21 pm

all of these come from suk fen's and kerri's camera. they have posted them on their blogs and all too but i cant help but post some on my own too. hehe


Yi Xian
Zhi Xin
Zhuo Wen

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