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Light the shadows
Monday, May 29, 2006
11:55 am
It was suk fen's mini belated party ytd and as usual, she did up the place really simply and nicely. Hanging stars from the plastic "film" and balloons all over on the floor. It was more like a get together for the cousins. The food was yummy and I ate creamy pasta! This one was nice, not horrible like the first cream pasta i ever ate. I really hope we cousins will have a day out somewhere despite my busy schedule. =)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006
8:12 pm
Today's training ended really late. We had a small talk with jiao lian at the end and by the time I reached home, it was 7.30pm. Training was half good, half bad.

Team-o4 got our formation totally messed up but we all should be clear be now. And to the Sec 2 juniors if we ever seem like we are leaving you guys out, sorry. We need time. I mean it's inevitable there's a gap between levels but we can close it up over time. Remember we were once so close and not too bad now either...

Let's all work hard, team-o4 especially! Eva, don't lose heart. Show jiao lian the mighty you! Serene, remember our "agreement" to share everything, so just tell us. We want to help out. I understand how controling emotions on court is difficult cause I feel myself doing the same as you did too. I know you don't mean to and it's hard to change your mood in the split second but we love the happy-go-lucky Serene so bring that out again! Michelle, you should look forward to trainings more and sleep at normal times. Melissa, you know you've just got to boost that confidence. Zhi Xin, whichever position you are playing, wherever or whatever happens, you know we are still team-o4. To myself, I should just be happy always so I don't spoil other people's mood and don't give up. We can do it!! We must get into nationals next year. I don't really care how far we go in nationals but we've just got to make it there. So everybody let's work towards that common goal with actions and not words.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
8:27 pm
I saw BEN today!!!!!! At num(heerens), he's working there. He's one of the Sec 2 Level Camp instructors anyway. Mabel and I just walked into the shop and I saw this guy from the side view and thought he looked super like ben. So I asked Mabel if that was him and she kept telling me to go and ask. lol. He did look at me too. Ya..In the end I just kept looking and he smiled and ta-da, I was sure that was him! He remembered me and my name! hahaa. I was like "are you ben?" and he went "cherie right?"Chatted a little before we went on shopping again and met Yuan Wei, Geoffrey, Jonathan and SamC. They decided to follow us and we combined forces walking down Orchard Road.

Before that I met Mabel at taka. I was late!!! Sorry Mabel! We walked all over Orchard. From Taka to Wisma to Far East to Wisma again and then to Heerens and on to Wheelock. Saw very nice wallets at Far East Big Fat Wallet. It's the same design but different colours. I must go back this Saturday to get it. Probably the White or Pink or Black. All the stores had nice clothes, I wish I could buy everything.

I had a fun time out :)

Monday, May 15, 2006
11:04 pm
After missing one week's worth of training, today's was good for me. I think Zhi Xin and Serene were suffering from headaches though. I must have passed on my disease to them. We were made to end early and we won't get to train properly on Wednesday either AND there's no training this Friday or next week AND there's only a measley 1 training during the 1st week of holidays and we've got to wait until the 4th week monday which whole team-o4 will not be in Singapore.

Interclass is coming up!! Bless 3J.. and Interclass is THE THING that is going to cause volleyball to miss so many trainings.

Rest assured people that Thailand Trip will be good. Don't worry so much guys! hahah. We will have fun. We've all got a partner each in our groups so there's nothing to regret about. I'm sure we'll still get to have a whole lot of fun together =) I'm so looking forward, look ahead with me!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006
10:09 am
Imagine being woken up in the morning by screams. Not screams of crazy and happy people but screams because people are pissed and angry. Why do people have to get angry over the smallest things?

Thursday, May 11, 2006
7:55 pm
HAPPY BRITHDAY SERENE!!!!!! Glad you loved the cake. =)

Just came back from camp at Kota Tinggi today! I was in Group 20 aka Hot 20's aka H20. Camp was good. The activities were better than last year's camp's but I think the cheering part lagged by a bit. Indiana Jones was so fun. Too bad D20 didn't succeed.[It's a combination of Ditto(Group 19) and H20]. Trekking was quite cool but it lost abit of that excitement and all because I trekked before already in Chiang Mai. BUT this one had the rock surface and climbing up and down the same route which we didn't do in Chiang Mai. That was cool. Tried new stuff like kayaking too.
My group was enthusiastic!! It would have been really complete if our instructor was just as enthu and hyper. She's nice and all but fails to have the hype instructors should have. But the enthu group still made up for it. Oh and the instructors are generally more strict than last year's.

Campfire night wasn't very high. There was no mass dancing and jumping around together like we had previously. Though overall, it was still quite good.

On the way back to Singapore, we had a about 1.5 hours stop at some mall in Johor which was huge. Vballers, Hannah, Agnes and Jia Min went to Pizza Hut to eat. And Eva and I left when they were queueing to get a cake for Serene at Secret Recipe. ALL the cakes looked so good and in the end we bought Chocolate Indulgance which lived up to it's name. A whole lot of students and teachers in Pizza Hut from DHS and 2 instructors joined in the singing of the birthday song. Serene says she is touched so that's good. Hope she felt better after the cake and all cause she was sick. And I'm sure all that cake and pizza I ate is enough to put loads of weight on me and the rest. hehe

Then when we came back to school, we did a bit more cheering for those in the canteen. Said goodbyes too. And we(vballers + some 3a ppl) went to play VOLLEYBALL!! haha. I missed it so much. Now that I have played, I feel good. =))

serene. fraddy. charles. cherie

Now I wish the camp was longer although at first I wanted it to end soon.

Sunday, May 07, 2006
6:14 pm
Just read my account of Sec 2 level camp and saw the booklet and what the instructors wrote for me. I really miss the camp and I hope this year's will be as good if not better. Sec 2 level camp was really fun and the instrutors all left a lasting impression. I still fondly remember all the instructors of my section and the best group anyone could have. The other Cherie was known as "cherie white" while I was known as "cherie black". And it was level camp where Woei Xin and I started calling each other TAN and going about our "Tans are seh". Not forgetting funny funny Limei and Wei Li and a whole lot more of people...

i love pretty memories

Saturday, May 06, 2006
10:44 pm
I just came back from EDS night and it was good. I especially love the dances(most of them) and I admire the actors and actresses. The dance Lady Marmelade was totally awesome! The fury stuff. LOL. FLOORSHOCK was good too. The remix of the songs and SHAKE was part of it. haha. I love the songs plus the cool dance. =)) I aspire to dance as well as them. June, Li Mei, Tze Lin, Steffi are all really good dancers. Yes and I happen to look mostly at them only.

Level camp is coming up. I'm not feeling totally excited about it but Zhi Xin is and she keeps exclaiming how she is so. AND I think she's making me have a better feeling about it. hah. The sad part would be that we'll miss training!! URGH!! But it's an escape from school and work. Anyway, I am totally looking forward to the Thailand trip. A whole bunch of cool teachers will be going and of course dearest team-o4. YAY!!!

OH.. but the bad part abt today...I met some ppl at Parkway when I was shopping with my sister. and many of them just happened to be quite unfriendly and dao. I'm seriously shocked and scared of them. AND sorry to Zhi Xin, Michelle and Mabel if I was too worked up. They just freaked me out. I think I won't do part of what I said. They were just words of impulse.

We broke our record of eating so quickly today anyway. and Swensens broke theirs by serving so quickly. Maybe because we rushed them and we wanted to cancel our order. haha =)

Friday, May 05, 2006
8:27 pm
Did SL duty today with Pei Qi at the foyer for 2.4 km run. We played stupid games that I apparently suck at. Everyone please don't attempt to play hai dai, cai quan or hei bai pei with me. Pei Qi can testify how bad I am at those games. Ji gou pa is still okay though I can't really beat the self-proclaimed queen yet.

Went for training as soon as I was done and over with duty. Suddenly my mood changed. I become really quiet and stoned. I have no idea why. My brain works in such a way that I can't figure it out myself. I felt utterly demoralised AGAIN. Just like during Wednesday's training. I am deproving. It felt even worse and lousier when jiao lian told me how the others were improving and I have to too. I felt so much like crying. I am going to be hard on myself. I need to do something to change things. We played as a team today. It lifted up my spirits a little. But things didn't get to end off with a high note. Ms Tan came and stopped us rather early as usual. And then we had the routine little talk by jiao lian. I sat there and reflected and thought, emotions filled me again.

Oh and I accidentally hurt a little girl indirectly. The ball I hit and got out of hand bounced, rolled and hit her. I totally didn't know how to pacify her. Thanks to Serene... She saved me...


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Zhi Xin
Zhuo Wen

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