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Light the shadows
Friday, April 28, 2006
8:16 pm
Today's training for me was short yet sweet. =)

Went to the Parliment House at first. It wasn't that interesting. Plus somewhere through watching that video I got a headache and it hasn't really stopped since then. I've been getting headaches really often these days. I wonder what is wrong with me.

So onec we got back to school, I rushed to change and train. The atmosphere at school was good! I love it. The scouts and guides were all over and the scouts had their tents and structures up. AND a lot of graduates were back. The boys especially livened up the place not because they are boys but by playing soccer and basketball. They just made the place lively plus many other Dunmanians too. I don't like it when it's all quiet. gang qiu for a little while before spiking!!! It felt really good. I was never before sooooo motivated. I think the atmosphere plus the fact that it seemed like ages since we last had training helped especially the ATMOSPHERE.
Looking forward to Wednesday's training although it will just be a measley one plus hours but today's training was just about that only too. I hope I will be doing foyer duty on the 5th next month for SL. I'd love to do end point duty but I can't afford to miss so much training. Yup. Anyway I really wish that everyday after school, the whole place can be as lively as today. Good atmosphere really helps. =))

Monday, April 24, 2006
8:17 pm
YAY!! The surprise party on Saturday for jiejie was a success! I'm sure she's super happy. Suk Fen's great. It was all her idea. She's always full of party and surprise ideas. =)

2.4 run today went by so quickly. I think I did okay. No training today due to the run plus the fact that the coach had to leave super early for his other school's match if there was training. I wanted to train so badly today cause I suddenly felt the urge to improve. I think I have gone down the slide, so it's time I climb back up. And I'm so going to miss training again this Friday due to the visit to the Parliment. That sucks a big time. I'll be even more rusty next week when i get back to training and who knows it may rain again.

Friday, April 21, 2006
8:42 pm
Today was the school's speech day so all of us didn't have to go for lessons. It's great cause i really needed that extra rest. Took a bus down to parkway to meet Zhi Xin and I was 10 mins early. Walked around idley and met quite a few Dunmainians. When Zhi Xin came, we went to Pasta Mania to eat and Michelle joined us later. After that, we went to school for duty. And Michelle went to orchard alone.
Duty was alright. Ushered, carried table(s) and served food the only different one for me was pinning on corsages for VIPs. It was quite pressurising. Anyway, I've come to this conclusion that DHS teachers are getting cooler. They are generally nice and funny people. Like Ms C. Tan said can I take one for you all(referring to the eclairs), Mr Teo asked us to eat but when we said later he gave us plates and Mdm Loh added on by "serving us". Of course I didn't let her. It just didn't make sense. SCs always take the food when the majority of the guests have taken. I think it's rather weird if most of them are still around which was what happened just now.
Just imagine if you go for a buffet and suddenly the waiters and waitresses start taking the food and eating too...

Sunday, April 16, 2006
7:57 pm
i've been working on geog research paper since three and i didn't realise it's way way way past 7 already. the reason i'm not feeling hungry still is that i had a buffet lunch. the lunch at sheraton towers was not totally awesome. i think it was their marketing strategy to get more customers by giving this voucher for two free with not much conditions so that they will bring more people along. and the "extras" will have to pay a huge sum. but the mudpie was great =)

Saturday, April 15, 2006
3:04 pm
went to parkway for a short short while just now. then i stopped walking half way to message eva and someone came in front of me and waved his hand and i looked up and was momentarily stunned. he was MR TEO!!! yes, our school's HOD of PD. he was carrying his cute kid on his back who was holding a paper boat. and i think i don't know how to fold that anymore. my memory is really bad.

doing my maths project now. i'm putting in chunks of information and getting a little stressed up already cause i think the organisation totally sucks. and the info on the mathematical part... i almost totally do not understand. but i'm still going to do the best i can. i think after i place in my chunks of info i have to go into round two to rephrase and reorganise. jia you to myself and to others who are stuck with a "cheem" mathematician like the one i have to do on.

besides powerpoint i still need to do a 450 word write-up!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006
3:30 pm
i just put down the phone on someone. she called and asked for someone named jonathan but stopped half-way and asked who i am. like total weirdness. why should i reveal my identity to some unknown? i asked her who she was too and it's a name i don't recognise so i just put down when she asked who i was again. how many people actually call and then ask who are you?so weird......

Thursday, April 13, 2006
10:29 pm
first, about yesterday. mrs tan said the trip to thailand will be going ahead!!! i'm sooo happy. and... something to make me even happier and more excited about the trip is that my whole team will be going. the SIX OF US. according to what they said today. smile smile smile and still smile. =)

today was the four school's combined meets. and i earned my first medal ever from an unscheduled run. i'll come back to this later. so at 1030 in the morning, i reached school. met zhi xin and we went to keep the banner with other people. at 1100 we(scs+sports leaders) set off to jurong stadium. first comment was "ulu". the place really didn't have the national stadium's "qi shi". i don't know how to say that in english though. cool music was played to test the sound system i suppose. and the first thing we did upon arriving there was to eat. our lunch was nasi lemak. then we quickly got ready and even before we were ready, dunmanians started to come in already. so we rushed rushed and done!. the track & field team came and i joined them for the march in. so i ended up changing events at the very very last minute. i backed out from shot put with michelle rejoining and took over mabel's place in javelin because she was sick and absent. i knew i wouldn't win but i went there with a mind set to throw as well as i could and enjoy myself. throwing javelin is really fun but next year i'm going to fight for a place in javelin to win something. =) javelin took quite sometime. it was intervals by the time we ended. so while i was sitting around at the marquee(i don't really know if it can be considered one anyway) or maybe i can just call it the sheltered area for athletes. shermaine came along asking who wanted to run. so shiying and i went. but somehow shiying disappeared. i later found out she got stopped by mr siva. joined the green team for 20 X 100m. the event i wanted so much to do. it's the first time they mixed the different schools together. it's good. although it's just that few minutes of interacting. the people in my team were mostly cool. the girls were nice and almost all the guys were shuai or cute or cool in some way. i was the 14th runner. anyway, we were last at first. but thanks to the super fast guys, we got 2nd in the end. quite a feat i would say.

dunman high got quite a few medals here and there. and the most surprising has got to be the CHEERS. big fat congrats to ZHI XIN and zara and yao lu especially. and of course to everyone who cheered along. the totally new cheer which we didn't even get to complete. HAHA.

after the meets, the team went out. minus michelle at first. she went with her class but ended up dining with us. it was the first time ever our team went out together. i'm super happy. =)) we went to pizza hut(at jurong point). after a super long time, we finally decided on what to eat and ordered our food. yum yum. eva treated us to garlic bread. thanks! michelle left quite quickly but it's okay. it's still the FIRST TIME our team went out together!!!!!!!!!!

train ride home with serene, zhi xin and melissa was fun as usual. we talked and laughed. and another new discovery, melissa besides being my classmate in kindergarten, was taking the same school bus as me. amazing how we don't remember each other from those days. because we remember some others. like the ang moh kid. it was quite funny. we were all talking about primary school and kindergarten. and we kept referring our kindergartens as "my kindergarten". when i said something about mine(which is also melissa's), she suddenly burst out something like we were from the same kindergarten. and we just kept laughing.

Sunday, April 09, 2006
2:46 pm
met mabel and joshua ytd to discuss bio project. it was quite fast. and i'm so sorry we made joshua wait for so long. at least i turned up. rather than some sleeping partner we had. i'm sure everyone in 3j knows who that guy is. we ended up in popular to buy some stuff and later read those kiddy books. it's quite funny. in like half a minute u can finish one book. then mabel and i left for school to help with the sports day banner. we used some kind of special paper and cut out the letters. probably a much faster job than painting and the effect was really good cause the coulours were very solid and they stood out. everyone will know what i mean when they finally see the banners. then, we went to the study area to do some spray painting. i didn't dare to paint do it at first. but actually it's fun. just that it's quite smelly and my finger was quite suan after that from pressing the nozzle. mdm loh suggested that mr teo can teach us graffiti and we can have a wall for graffiti in our new campus. i don't think it will actually materialise but it's a good idea nevertheless.
went for dinner at ssc later then went to visit my father's friend at the hospital. the neighbouring patient was a jap. he came in later and his friend's visited him. two of them had cool hair. i don't know how to describe it. but it's that sort that only suits the japs and maybe koreans. hahaa. had fishballs at newton circus after that at like 11pm. by the time i came home and went to bed it was nearing 12 and this morning i woke up at 11.30! how late...

Thursday, April 06, 2006
6:13 pm
it's been raining for the past don't know how many days. all i know it's almost everyday and it starts raining like at 4+ or something usually. zhi xin, serene and i were supposed to go for track training together today and yet only serene went cause she left without us as zhi xin and i were somehow uncontactable. maybe the 3F classroom is jinxed so there isn't any reception.okay, just kidding. so i called home to ask my mum to ask someone living in bishan or near there to see if it was raining there. and apparently, my maid's friend said it was raining HEAVILY. we decided not to go. which was probably a wrong decision. benjamin ng told me later that it wasn't raining there. probably it stopped like it did here. i went for throws training instead after pondering for ages. the end result? i threw the javelin like thrice or four times and went home. i think i'm just a mere reserve for javelin. haha nevermind. at least i don't feel bad for not going for track training. sorry zhi xin!! heaven loves to play tricks on us. we are having a game which we always lose.

Saturday, April 01, 2006
5:41 pm
oh my gosh! the mathematics project is literally killing me. my head hurts now all because of the whole chunk of really difficult and unknown stuff i just read and not understand. why didn't i get an easier mathematician to research and present on like Pythagoras. it's so unfair but then again what isn't? i'm going to consult ms koh on how to present when i don't even understand any of those theories, formula or whatever you call them. that Bernhard Riemann guy seemed to come up with a whole lot of things that are interlinked, geometry stuff. sounds easy right? no way in actual fact. it's differential geometry, something totally alien to me and most probably to you. and about the second part about having some commonalities with that mathematician... i think none. so how am i going to crap "about 450 words" for that component? until the one who assigned this project enlightens me. my head is going to hurt as long as i look at this guy's name, the whole chunk of info and the paper assigning us the task.

12:45 pm
very unfortunately, i have not been able to find my pictures folder. so i take it that they are really gone, somehow deleted. i guess i am just going to retrieve the bits and pieces from my past blog entries as well as my friendster pictures.
yesterday was the opening ceremony for dunman high's 50th anniversary. i agree with zhi xin the time capsule looks less glamourised than we thought it should. i was imagining something in the shape of capsules as in the medicines we eat and probably something bright-coloured like yellow and white. but the whole idea is still cool. i wonder how many years down the road will it be opened again. maybe by the future generation? and when they read the letter mr sng wrote... i wonder how they will feel. im thinking of something we see in movies where they find something from the pass, is it going to be like that?


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