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Light the shadows
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
5:49 pm
i am panicking right now, yet i dont know what else i can do.i dont know where have my pictures gone, and i dont know how i can get them back. HUNDREDS of them have just suddenly disappeared off my computer. there goes my photos with my lovely family members, cousins and friends. till i find the folder, what i hold now are just fragments of some images of the many photos. pray i find them soon.
things just happen at the wrong time. i should be putting my heart and soul into studying geog and la now but i can't take my mind off those photos.


my feelings tell me i wont get the photos back... =(

Saturday, March 25, 2006
1:52 pm
it's been one week of school already for term two! time really does fly. it seems like as we grow up, time passes more quickly. so i have been quite a pig, sleeping early and yet i still feel sleepy everyday. i think i had too much sleep during the holidays so i want to carry on having so much. i've been trying to be focused and trying to work hard. hope it will be effective.
anyway, the weather has been really bad these days. it's really humid. when the sun shines it's hot like anything and when it rains, it's still hot cause of the humidity in the air! sitting in front of the computer with the fan blowing at me doesn't help to cool me down. once it oscillates and turns to some other direction it's really hot as usual.

Thursday, March 16, 2006
5:13 pm
it's thursday. zhi xin, stop reminding me!! the holidays are ending so soon. i dread school. i dread work. there's nothing i look forward to in school now except volleyball which i still have during holidays. i love holidays. and i wish teachers will just not give us any work at all during the holidays. it isnt a full fledged holiday with work to do.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006
1:10 pm
after training yesterday, michelle, melissa, zhixin and i went to orchard. we had lunch and then walked around. then mel went home and michelle went to watch a movie ALONE. and zhixin and i went to meet krystal after not seeing her for such a long time! haha. we had a quick meal at taka and rushed off to mediacorp. clara got in! i love her dressing last night. im jealous.hehe

Friday, March 10, 2006
10:21 pm
from happy to demoralised. that's what happened today.
i was mad in class that wanting, mabel and yuan wei were so amused by me. but by like 3/4 into training i was demoralised. my level of enthu-ness dropped to i dont know what. it was the first official training without the sec fours. i miss their presence! anyway, i suck at shang shou balls. i cant spike properly without touching the net, my speed is of a tortoise. and... i lose i get sad really easily and demoralised. jiao lian thinks after one bad ball i give up but i try and it doesnt work. i dont know how... i still try but it's just i get so upset with my performance i cant seem to do well no matter how hard i try.. enlighten me!! i dont wish to be demoralised so easily nor lose that spirit in me.


Thursday, March 09, 2006
8:19 pm
i just wasted three pieces of paper!!!!!!!!!!!so xin tong. hahha. im a huan bao freak okay..

so we lost to presby today.but they played well anyway. PHS is just too good. and so after that as usual jiao lian talked to us then mrs bok. this was the sad part. sec fours dont have to come for training anymore!!!i think i'll miss their presence. they spur me on u know. and they are people i can look up too. i love my seniors. they are nice and cool people. i dont like being the oldest there at training. it's really sad to think they will one day leave dhs and we will probably just lose touch with them. i wont want that day to come. i promise they are going to have a great great graduation or farewell party at the annual vball thing.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
8:12 pm
i think im a real slacker now. haha. im like half way into that holiday mood thing. probably not going to pia until after holidays. =))

7:37 pm
we lost the match against Bukit Panjang Government High. it's really quite sad. i think the sec fours were just too jing zhang that's why they didnt perform well on court. the after match atmosphere was similar to that of the friendly match at Pasir Ris Sec against them during the holidays. it was really sad. jiao lian left after saying a few words. but mr chew and ms tan stayed and they chipped in a bit. ms tan asked for them to express their thoughts or say whatever they wanted to and when hui yi did, i teared! the way she said it plus the atmosphere..so after a while mr chew left but ms tan stayed and she kept saying "okay, i'll go first" and then she continued talking again. so zhixin and i were like "er..ya. i think they just need some time to cool off" then she contined talking again. she did it a number of times anyway. haha. so after she left, serene, zhi xin, melissa and i went into the hall because we didnt want to disturb them any further. so inside we had our own little mini talk and goal setting! it was cool. haha. then on our way home on the train we played the chinese ci yu game. like one of us will say a ci yu and another will use the last word from the previous and form another. it was fun! lol. and some man standing next to us was smiling all the way.

Saturday, March 04, 2006
6:24 pm
i realise that A LOT of people cry because of problems now.

we shared a lot yesterday. vballers rock always. spending time with them is always good. anyway, im getting rather demoralised during trainings nowadays. so i shall buck up! training at SPANS yesterday and today. today we had friendly with VJ also my sister's team. so cool la. we were training in the same place. heehee. and i didnt go back to school for sc notice board. it feels kind of bad. but since it's over i'll try not to think too much.

counting down to the march holidays...

Thursday, March 02, 2006
6:41 pm
im PISSED!! cos i intended to go out with vballers after training on saturday. zhixin and i agreed already and now it turns out that i have to rush back to school for sc notice board after training. it's not that i dont want to do things for sc. but i finally found time to go out and yet now im deprived of it. i hate to plan to go out and later learn that i have to go for something else. but i shall try to see it as sacrifice. i like sc and all so i try to see it in that light instead of it taking away my free time.
i need a life. but being busy with school work, sc, and trainings is about all i have now. that's soooo sian. i want a more vibrant & fun life. can the march holidays come more quickly cos i really want to go out! just dont load me with homework...


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