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Light the shadows
Thursday, February 23, 2006
12:42 pm
yay!no school today. haha. alright, but school isnt that dreadful anymore. busy still but i think im getting the hang of it. but march holidays are like in two weeks and i cant wait. really hope i can squeeze out time to go SHOPPING. =)

Saturday, February 18, 2006
11:27 am

and i just realised today when i saw our class photo.

Saturday, February 11, 2006
11:05 pm
im really busy with everything now. cant get my mind off school work. have angel and mortal stuff. trainings. every minute of my life is packed. that's why i haven't blogged in ages and now im using the com at such a late hour cause i feel the need to spill my thoughts out here.

i failed my maths test. and it's rather depressing. no more difficult maths tests that KILLS please. but i doubt my wish will ever materialise. everything in dhp requires so much go and read up on your own and take ur own notes kind of thing. it's not really what i enjoy, not my kind of thing but i will persevere! im just scared i miss out on stuff i need to know. and thnking about chinese, lessons and all are still okay. i get it and all. but think deeper, my chinese vocab is going to remain stagnant FOREVER if it continues like that. that totally sucks cos i think my chinese is lousy. i want to be better at it. actually both my languages are lousy and it's not like my science or maths or whatever other subject is good. so that leaves me with a blurred future. ive got no ambition! ive got no direction to work towards. and now that's worrying.

i feel really suffocated now. i want a good break again. i want more cny breaks. haa. but that's sooo impossible. i really cant wait for march holidays although i think i'll still have tonnes of projects to do. i hope not though. i want to rest and catch up with things around me. orientation was like weeks ago but the sc room is still in a mess with our stuff plus some cny stuff. and i really feel bad for not doing anything about it until now. so tmr i'll have to call at least 7 people to clean it up on monday. and i cant even stay there the whole time cos of training. next week's still going to be busy. training on monday, wednesday. tournament on friday. afternoon lessons on wednesday and thurday. field trip on tuesday. im staying back every single day. where are the days where i went home right after school for 3 days a week. oh and i'll have to eat boring canteen food for five lunches in a week.

BUSY is the word to describe me.
BUSY is what my friends know about me.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
9:10 pm
i love chinese new year!!haha. it is always great. we may say it's boring and all but in the end one of the cousins will manage to say something funny

reunion dinner was at wu bo's(fifth uncle) house. it was steamboat. healthy and yummy. haha. got rather full. and we watch casper on LD!!does anyone know what it is.hahaa. laser disc and casper, that's like sooooo yesterday. lol. yeahh. the home movie theatre rocks! a pity the projector was a makeshift one cos the proper one spoiled. but it was good still.

first day of new year we went to visiting then to jieli's house for lunch. went to kerri's house before going dua pei's(oldest uncle) house. we spent most of the time at the carpark minimart area. playing and taking stupid photos.

2nd day we went to long's house then kerri's. then we went to holland village to chill. ice cream at haagen diaz was ex.haha.super small portion but super ex.swensens is better. hehe. then we went bowling after that at mt faber safra!!until 4am!!12 of us. hehe. it was loads of fun. junjun was there la. sec one and she was out till 4 am.

woke up at 11.30am later. went to my dad's boss's house. then to yang's house. watched some funny show 'shut up' there. then my and my sister left to meet the other cousins at cine. we watched fearless!it was good. everyone go watch it if u can.hehee. i didnt know it was nc 16 until after the show. hahaa. that's quite stupid of me.

i think im going to miss cny. not because of red packets but because i'll have to wait ages later before i get to meet up with cousins and hang out. and i dont want to get back to school to study!!haha.

anyway today was cny celebration at school. as usual i didnt get to be with my class. but nevermind. haha. sc is fun too. then we had tournament!! of course i was just there to be extra as in reserve. haha. so they won cchsm but there was some mistake in their formation and my coach tld mabel to tell the referee and then the match just stopped for quite some time and mr teo seemed quite ji dong and pissed. but then the referee claimed it's over so cant do anything and we just continued. with my coach still not too happy. but i think he got over it. tmr's up against st hilda's. they are rather strong. so we must jia you. or rather the sec4s. really hope they can go far.


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