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Light the shadows
Friday, January 27, 2006
9:06 pm
school has been keeping me really busy. i hardly get to go home early. like this week i stayed back every single weekday till 6 plus. and almost every night i have to use the computer to do this or that. it's quite boring actually. as in i dont enjoy using the computer so often to do work.and very often i stray off to do other things. that part is my fault. CNY is round the corner and yet i still have homework and PROJECT.how cool huh. having to meet up to discuss a project on new year's eve. that's like what im going to do. my father got a big shock when i told him. and i was like "no choice!". i have been really stressed up i think. people around me notice it. like in the past two weeks maybe up to about 6 people have said things like "cherie, you look stressed!" or "cherie, you look sad". such is the effect of long, long days in school and tons of difficult work at school and numerous projects.it's really A LOT. and i almost totally dont remember anything we studied in sec one and two. that totally sucks. like i was sooo blur doing chemistry equations. i think i was the worst. HAHA. and i failed my first geog assignment. what the seniors said are sooooo true. we will fail geog. and if we like geog we will be super disappointed. that's how i am now. mrs bok is sooo strict!i got 3 1/2 upon 10. i wonder if mainstreamers are just as stressed. if not i can just drop to mainstream or i can go to a double science class and take double science!HAHA. i really did ponder with that thought but i think im over it now. im going to work really hard. no digressing while doing work on the computer anymore. and i will plan my time so as to find time to REVISE!haha.i havent done any of that yet. so i hope things will turn out better. =)

i couldnt find my killer whale and boat today in the SC room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO DEAD! my mom will kill me if the killer whale doesnt come out and kill me before she does. and i will sink if my boat is gone. ok that's stupid. but it's really very very XIN TONG losing those two big inflatable things. shucks. they must be so cute that someone stole it from the SC Room. i saw it there earlier on like maybe three weeks ago on that night, that orientation night we used it. i should have brought it home then. shouldnt have been so lazy as to not want to carry it out for supper. ai... i better find it soon. i MUST!! stupid me.

my team is going too well either.it is really sad anyway. and i mean team-o4. not the team as in b girls team.firstly, we have this teammate who REFUSES to go for training. but she has the reason of being sick for now. and then, we have this other teammate who chooses to be influenced by her. STUPID CHOICE i say. why cant she choose to be influenced by zhixin. and we also have another teammate who skips trainings once a while to go out like today. we can forget about competitions next year if things continue like that. seriously FORGET IT. i dont understand how people can just dont care about trainings, dont care about their teammates they built up a relationship with for two years.they seem selfish to me. what's all that thing about "i dont want to go for training", "im losing my passion", "i dont like the coach" or "training is so short.go for what?waste time" every bit counts. and u may not see now that you not coming to training will affect the rest. u will soon enough when the sec4s stop training and go into intensive studying. why do u all have such short visualisations. cant u all look ahead. look at how your actions now will affect us in future. i dont know what i can do honestly cause nobody will listen to me, no one will tell me what they are up to and i have to rely on zhixin to tell me. how great. i feel like a useless captain.i seem to have failed in every single way to keep the team together and things like that. i never bothered saying anything when teammates didnt want to come for training cause i knew that no matter what i said then, it wouldnt change their mind. i tried and i failed. but maybe on the other hand i shouldnt stop trying. and hopefully they will be sensible enough to come and train properly at trainings. i really hope everyone will treat their cca seriously. put in the effort. even if zhixin, serene, eva(most of the time) and me continue to go for trainings regularly and train hard but u guys choose not to come, our team wont be any better.

Saturday, January 21, 2006
9:02 pm
went for training today for about one an a half hours. then zhixin and i left to wash up and go for sc investiture rehersal. we also got to know our departments today. im in C&P aka the Catwalk People.lol. that's stupid.it was just wynne's random comment.haha. it really means COMMUNICATION AND PUBLICITY.cool right.hahaha.SC has 6 departments namely level council, C&P, student welfare, cca relations, cooperate relations and internal affairs. im look forward to our duties for the year. C&P.hahaha.publicise events etc...yay!! i think it will be fun.HAH. then at 12 we went to the hall to reherse for the investiture. quite alright. i hope it will be a success. then i went out. saw adriano at queensway.HAHA.i think it was him. so i msged eva to suan her. lol. missed two 14 buses which was soooooo dumb.hahah.but it didnt take long for the third to come. but the ride home was like 1 hour or so.haha. monday's investiture for lower sec!yay!!hahaa

Friday, January 20, 2006
11:14 pm
just came back from bbq at nsrcc.haha.yes i finally made up my mind to go.and it was quite good.i mean bonding time u know.although it was short.we got professional after some time with the cooking but by then everybody was like FULL already.HAHA. next time we have another outing like this i think i shouldnt think too much.i should just GO!hahaa.=))

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
6:44 pm
dinner on sunday at straits kitchen was rather good.i love the setting over there. they display small chinese teapots around on shelves which my dad loves.haa.and they waiters over there will sing happy birthday for whoever's birthday it was. just on that night alone i think they sang 5 to 6 times. and they do not sing the usual birthday song we sing, they probably created their own.

training is going to be four times a week until competition starts. i hope all trainings will be as good as saturday's. mr teo is a really good coach!i'm very excited about competitions too, although i wouldnt play most likely. jia you to the sec 4s!!=)

Sunday, January 15, 2006
12:35 pm
im missing!haha

yesterday was a fantastic day!haha.first it started off with a great morning at training.everyone improved so much and we all had loads of fun yesterday.it didnt rain so it was the first good and proper training we had in soooo long. the sun was blazing and i think some of us got sun burnt.definitely me.then we went up to see the sec 4 classrooms.they are so good compared to sec3s.then we waited for eva and zhixin to finish touching up their classroom.three of us went out with sheila, katerine and mabel after that.we went bugis BK to eat andeva left after we finished our meals. then went to bugis street to find our team bag. which we didnt manage to.so we went to penisular instead and we walked one big round before we found the place.we saw this cool sort of duffer bag which costs $45.it has loads of compartments.like one to put dirty clothes, another to put shoes and yet another a put a ball!haha.how cool is that.it's quite nice but the shape's a wee-bit weird.but overall it's still nis=ce and cool.hehe. over the whole time we chatted and and shared so much.hahaa.and zhixin finally feels we have bonded with them.

we didnt order the bag yet cause we want to ask the rest first. anyway, after that, we rushed home. i had to go out to celebrate my brother's TWENTY FIRST BIRTHDAY with cousins!the actual day is actually 12.i think i caused my family to be late. hehe. we went to chongqing hot pot at tanglin shopping centre. the food was not bad.my second time there. i had a really filling meal. the birthday cake was simply GREAT!!it was soooo chocolaty and yummy!!i love the cake sooo much.following that we went to cineleisure.wanted to go to kbox but it was too ex.so we stood outside the archade for a while and watch some people dance para para.they moved so smoothly doing all the waves and stuff.haha.then we went up to e-max at level 9.yang, feng,kerri, my sister and i took neoprints there.it was soooo cool cos they had costumes, wigs, hats, toy swords, guns, blar blar blar for us to borrow to take neoprints. all sorts of accessories. it was very fun.hahaa. and the language of the machine was english not jap or whatever and that made it a lot easier for us.then we rented this little room with computers and tv inside.the guys played the computers while the girls watched bewitched. it was like 11 plus when we started to watching so half way through i was sleepy already. plus the show was kind of lame.i gave up watching in the end so dont ask me how it ended.so at one plus in the morning we left the place. first time in history im out at orchard soooo late or rather 'early'.HAHAA

today's my mum's birthday and we are going to the straits kitchen to celebrate.another round of yummy food.and i think im going to explode.HEHHE

Friday, January 13, 2006
9:04 pm
lessons have been going on for a week. my class is pretty okay but a little divided.

it's quite stressful to be so slow in my work though. as in like most of them solve questions so quickly while im still figuring out. this week hasnt been too taxing even so. homework is almost like kept to the bare minimum and we spend a lot of time introducing ourselves and having the teachers introduce their subject and so on during lessons.

i really hope it will be a better year than before ahead of me =)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006
12:37 am


clara got into the next round!
everyone please continue to vote for her!!
i went to watch her live!!in the studio.everything sounded really good too me. and she was soooooooooo PRETTY!!haaa.anyway i got junyang's signature on the back of the board of the clara sign i was holding and i took photos with renfred.another campus superstar contestant who is soo cute.too bad i didnt get to capture one with yuyang.haahaa.anyway i would really love to go suport her again in the studio.it's like so cool!
oh and i think my mom isnt too happy i voted so many.makes me feel kind of bad.but how many times do u get your friend in such a competition?i cant be compared to eva anyway!she's pro.

i idolise CLARA!

Saturday, January 07, 2006
9:32 pm

orientation for year ones is over!!!thanks everyone for all your help!there were ups and downs but we successfully went through them all together!

day one was a lot of rushing and basically the year one were not too responsive.i mean it's normal.haha

day two things built up, classes started to cheer a bit more and we did mass cheering to the end of lunch...

day three i was at ecp almost the whole time.there was more cheering from the classes.and im sure the year ones enjoyed themselves.but it rained to the end of the 2nd shift so G to L did not get to make full use of their time.then later after year ones went off and after debrief for scs some of them went to try putting up cloth in the hall. and that was when they realised the cloth wasnt long enough..so everyone panicked...almost there..but thanks to the mentors and teachers we solved the problem. i really admire them for being so creative and having so many ideas, i wish i was like them. my resolution.. be more creative!!!!!!!!

day four was HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the year ones cheered soooooooo loudly. that was a really good sign. but i wasnt downstairs at their celebration feast most of the time. i was busy rushing folding paper hats for teachers. but before that of course during the putting up of deco in the hall where i was, things werent too smooth. but ultimately im glad we managed to do everything in the end..

all the hardwork and effort we put in have not gone to waste. i am sure the year ones enjoyed themselves very much. seeing them so happy and high ytd made me feel very happy too. =))

Monday, January 02, 2006
4:15 pm
it was a family gathering at kerri's house last night.we watched 'how to lose a guy in ten days'.it's quite a nice movie.as usual we talked and chatted. and of course we indulged in food.i had a great time. =))

reading back my previous post and i realised that it sounded sooo moody.haha.and when i look back now...... no, new year's eve party at sukfen's condo was not bad.i got to spend time with my cousins and we did stupid things.

Sunday, January 01, 2006
2:16 am
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

'party' at sukfen's condo was... not as exciting and fun as i expected. but it beats doing almost nothing at home.there was no countdown and the atmosphere just wasnt there. we got to see fireworks, the best thing of the night.but not that wonderful either.it just seems like another day and that 'party' just seemed like a little get together.

2005 was an eventful year. lots of things, unhappy and happy happened. great memories will be kept and bad ones wont be forgotten easily either.

one thing i have to say is that every supposedly 'BIG' event in the year was just super unhappening. i wish we could just have the fun times like in 2004.that's my new year wish...hopefully dinner at kerri's house later will be fun, cny celebrations, christmas celebrations and others be happening and fun.

yupp.and i think in 2005 a lot of us have gone through rough patches and such.so i hope in this new year, we will have no more of that or at least lesser.with all the partings and leavings, may yr 2006 be a better year =)


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Zhi Xin
Zhuo Wen

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