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Light the shadows
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
11:32 pm
orientation planning and stuff is keeping me really busy.it's quite stressful sometimes.not that an easy job.but i love planning still.hehee.stress is just part of it.i'll be more positive and say i'll have to work hard to enjoy later.and bask in the success of the orientation.HAHA!im being ultra spastic today.i think i was irritating people out of my stupid spastic-ness.sorry anyone who got irritated!hee.ohh..and i think i lost my ball sense or sth.played like the lousiest player on earth today against sajc.hehe.and there was one ball that was so high and i knew i had to move to wait for the ball and hit it but i ended up thinking tt way but moving my feet ages later.haa.so i totally anyhow hit and there goes the ball.haa.and before going the SPANS place to have the friendly i met zhixin and we went to lunch.haha.bought bread from 'cake history' at toapayoh central.we wanted to buy the WHOLE SHOP!hahaa.all the bread looked sooooooooooooo nice.my gosh.everyone.u can go get one bread of each for my christmas present.or birthday!hahhaa.then i'll get giagantic-ly fat.HAHAA.im still spastic...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
11:13 pm
went to help out at school's PROM!!!woahh.it's soooo nice to be there.seeing everybody's dressing.a few were pretty casual and some looked so different that i had to stare to see who they were.yupp.i think there were more pretty girls than handsome guys.HAHA.kk.im being mean am i?lol.and it was a chance for me to wear nicer stuff.hehheee.anyway,james is prom king and mabeline is prom queen.hahaaa.james' robot dance was sooooooo cool.he did tt really well.hahaaa.and the whole prom was a lot of ppl going up and playing this and that.the fun i had was in people watching.it was more fun looking at the girls.cos they make up, did their hair and all.yup.i cant wait for my own prom!lol.but i'll probably have to wait 4 yrs.hahaa

anyway,i got my contacts today.hahaa.wearing it is such a trouble.but looking at things is sooo much easier.heeeheee.im so glad i finally got it. cheers!

Sunday, November 27, 2005
8:29 pm
wheee.i went sun tanning today.i got darker at those lighter parts but my jersey mark is still soooooooooo obvious.hahaa.i need to go for more suntanning sessions.lol.went gym before tt too cos the sun wasnt strong enough.exercised a little.hee.must lose the weight i gained on chiangmai trip.HAHA.hmmm.then went for lunch and then to marina square to make contacts.but in the end cos that shop charges for consultation i didnt go and make.shucks.i want to get it like tmr or before i go out on tuesday.hehee.yupyupp.so that i can look at the pretty girls and good-looking guys.oh well, maybe our school dont really have any.but i want to see them dress up.haa.yupp.so in the end i went shopping with my mum.spent most of the time in marks & spencer.and cos i felt so restless and bored i decided to sit down and read my book.next i went to look for butterfly brooch for tuesday.haa.saw all so ex ones at robinson.haha.too over budget.yupp.msged mabel to see if anyone was buying it.so cheryl and peiqi were looking for it.in the end i saw nice and cheap ones at flowers at the attic at heerens.so i told them to come over.so we bought the brooches there.and i bought a plastic butterfly ring with a rose enclosed in it.then we went another shop to buy same metal butterfly rings to wear.hehe.i think the accessories are really pretty.cant wait to put them on.=)

Saturday, November 26, 2005
5:47 pm
im finally doing the quiz krtstal singled me out to do.doing it for the sake of doing cos i told her i will do it.haha

1. You get one wish of anything, what would you ask for?
happiness for everyone!
2. What animal would you be?
doggie!!those who are so loved by their owners
3. Something you want to do in your life.
have fun all the long.
4. One time there were these Ninjas... (finish the statement)
who fought off the devils!haha
5. One song you could listen to over and over again.
there are sooooo many.but i'll randomly pick one...jay chou's si mian chu ge
6. Coke or Pepsi?
pepsi!haha.since jay chou endorses it and i love their advertisements.
7. Something you currently desire
to loose the fats i gained on chiangmai trip!
8. What's a "mastoid"? (Take a guess no peeking in a Dictionary).
i refuse to guess.HEE
9. One good deed you've done lately.
hahaa.it's just little things here and there.i dont remember them/it
10. A funny moment in your life.
i think i have none of that.oh maybe it is listening to lorna aka taitai tell her stories.

5 people i've singled out to do this quiz.
1.my dearesyt sister!haa

Friday, November 25, 2005
5:44 pm
i just came back from chiangmai.landing at changi airport didnt make me feel happy.in fact there was a tinge of sadness.yupp.everything went by soooo quickly.and there goes our nice wonderful fun days in chiangmai.i wont mind staying there for maybe one or two more days but i'll miss my family too.
20th nov (1st day)
met at 1 at changi airport.checked in.said goodbyes at 1+.went to krystal jade cos june called mabel,jiahui & i to go. we all didnt want to eat though but ended up munching a bit.june'sfamily orders LOADS of food.kk.so we rushed after that to gather and meet the rest.there was a guide following us from spore.he's SUDIP!took photos then we went in to wait to board the plane.was a abt 3 hours flight.after 8 years or so i finally took the plane again.haa.when we reached we went for dinner.got introduced to our tour guides from thailand on the bus there.there's NOK and JACK and...two more.hehe.i dont remember their names.yuppthen we checkde into the hotel and went to shop at the mall co-joined to our hotel(lotus hotel/pang suan keow) for about an hour.
21st nov (2nd day)
woke up early in the morning.washed up then went to eat breakfast.i think i ate quite a bit.yeahh.then we set of to the mountains.had elephant ride.i sat with jiahui.we bought a bunch of bananas and sugar cane to feed the elephant.so once we started the elephant couldnt stop raising it's trunk asking for more.and when we didnt give more, it sprayed mucus at us.how naughty ya.
after the elephant ride we went for lunch then TREKKING!!trekking as in really trekking through the mountains with back packs.not like trekking up bukit timah hill ya.so it was really fun.wasnt too tiring.it was a really memorable & rare experience and walking under all the foilage was just.. whoohoo... so nice!it was very cooling.there were minor injuries here and there but i think everyone had a great time still.we stopped at a waterfall during the trek.the water was really cold.and quite many of us stepped in and ended up getting soaked through through.yup.you will be able to guess how it happened.splashing and all until we didnt care if more water was splashed at us.yeah.
that night, we stayed over at a village on the mountain.we slept in little wooden huts.similar to those of sparkc.the village did not have any light at night so we relied heavily on torches and candles.dinner there was alright.then we had a little campfire.but cos it was on a mountain and ground wasnt too flat so it wasnt that nice to sit of stand.but the things we did were fun.like sing-a-long and all.i agree with the teachers it was a bit messy though.but i guess we all still did have a rather good time.sleeping was a bit of a problem.i couldnt sleep cos i could hear people talking and singing and all.yeah.so when peiqi and sophia came back in from debrief 1plus hours later i was still awake.the three of us and ms yeo and june who werent asleep either sat up to talk.then karmen had leg cramps so we had to help her.after that we just went to sleep.thankfully i managed to sleep.phew!
22nd nov (3rd day)
trekked down by the roads on this day.though we were going down we still climbed up a lot of steep steep slopes.we trekked to the "kanjana garden home".had lunch and prepared for our item to put up at night.there was supposed to be a 'chief' who had to choose a bride from the four,one from each grp.lorna aka taitai was the bride of my group(grp4/pad thai)so we all put up our items at night.it was quite fun.yupp.the 'chief' was mr yeo.and he 'spoke some weird language' yupp.he 'performed magic tricks' too.or rather he was supposed to have 'magically or supernatural powers' it was really funny.HAHAa.so the 'chief chose all 4 in the end.quite expected actually.then we had sing-a-long and mass dance session again.which was much more organised this time.yupp.then we lit up KONG MING DENGs.as in those paper laterns that will float up into the air when lit and inflated by the smoke or hot air.it's something like you touch that thing before letting it go and all your bad luck will fly away with it.so cute right.hahaa.it was a very very super duper rare experience i would say.yupp.we sang more songs and it made some ppl cry.esp those who were leaving.we had super later.talked with the teachers till quite late.
23rd nov (4th day)
this is a really eat a lot a lot a lot day but no exercise!hahhaa.almost there.yup.after breakfast we went to "Royal Project Station".some place where they grow crops and all.they even rear fish and prawns, some only though.
after that we went for bamboo rafting.shihui,sophia,mabel and i shared a raft.three of us sat in the middle while one stood at the end to help row the raft?hahha.the uncle in front was having a hard time.he used the long bamboo sticks and pushed the river bed/rocks around to propel foward.it was very nice and cool again.the people who started off later splashed water at each other.and at the end of it all of us were wet.most of those who went off first were dry!haha.yupp.we had great fun in the river.shihui,sophia,mabel and i even lied down on the raft together.and the water just rushed pass us.it felt really good.
after that we went to a golf course kind of club to eat or do i call it agolf club.hahaa.something like that.it was buffet and everyone was snatching the fried bananas.then we went for cotton weaving/cloth dying/basket making.yeahh.just that kind of handicraft and work you know.all of us dyed our own cloth.some were really successful while others like me did not really succeed.lol.later was dinner.then we went shopping at the hotel mall again.i didnt buy anything though
24th nov (5th day)
we headed to the military training camp after breakfast.did obstacles.first was run up a ramp and jump.2nd was go across the mudpool by holding onto the rope and swinging across.i sort of succeeded cos nok helped me.i swung across my foot landed on the other side but my body was leabing a little back and he supported me up.so i escaped getting dirty by that.but i still got dirty later.had to crawl on our stomachs and use our arms and legs to push us foward under the bulb wires.my hair got caught maybe 2 of 3 times.hahhaa.that one got us really dirty anyway.we climbed this vertical ladder too.it was made up of two trees and just horizontal wood pieces across.we had those rope thingy too.like have to walk sideways and hold the other rope on top and move along.then we climbed over the tall vertical walls too.then there was some abseiling-like thing.it wasnt 90 degrees to the ground by it was quite steep.then we had to climb up.and we also had to put our hands into some hole and they faked us there were animals or something inside.in the end when u put ur hand in u get beaten.it was super lame.and we also had to crawl a lot like in little 'tunnels' and all.had to cross a lake by holding onto a rubber pipe.there was high logs like hurles and we had to climb over.then there was monkey bar which i failed to complete.total utter sadness.and we had to jump shorter 'hurdles' too.i went one leg by one leg and some two legs.next was crossing a really shaking bridge.and last was flying fox.
then we bathed and had lunch at a orchid farm.all the orchids were the same.yeahh.but they were still beautiful.
following that we went to a school.chatted with them, gave them stuff and played vball and soccer(the boys) with them.we got thrashed in both sportrs.no surprise.haha.then we went to another mall which was extremely big.jiahui,mabel and i walked together and we didnt really get to shop much cos we spent loads of time looking for notebooks for nok and sudip.yep.part of that place reminds me sooooo much of far east.we ate icecream.extremely cheap and nice.hahhaa.i felt so bu gan xin that i didnt buy anything la.next was dinner.then we went night market!i bought some stuff there.necklaces and shorts.
that night my group(padthai) wrote the notes for nok and sudip.then we went jerrold's room to chat.dickson, yuntong,june,mabel,cheryl and i were there.talked till 5plus closing 6 the next morning.and slept till abt 6.50.so abt one hour's of sleep.it's amazing im still surviving now.
25th nov (6th day)
home sweet home

actually i really shop little on this trip.i regret not buying the cap at the night market.it's soooooo freaking cheap.hahaaa.yupyupp.the chiangmai trip was really good.learned a lot and got to know people more.yeah.it was good bonding session for us all.and it tested our endurance.endurance really seems to be the key word of this trip.yepp.and we did a lot of rhyming on the trip.like cherie eat the berry/cherry.sophia so fierce.peiqi sheng the qi.mabel wipe the table.blar blar blar.i think peiqi's one is the funniest.lol.and im sure i put on loads of weight.ive got to go to the gym to shake it off!
anyway,exactly one month from now i'll be in thailand again.with family this time.so exciting.we haven't gone for a holiday together like that for some time now.hahaa.so cool.my brother will be going too!yeah.hahaa

Friday, November 18, 2005
4:31 pm

went to 6i's chalet for a while on wednesay.bladed my way there.and i think i stank up the whole place when i arrived.hahaa.then i rushed down ytd after trng for the bbq too.went home to change first of course.and agn i bladed all the way there agn. ate some food.then we walked out and played water bombs by the beach.played vball on the grass.played zhong ji mi ma.i played one rnd only.cos the one who guessed the no had to get wet and i didnt want to cos i was weraing white.yupp.thn we went back to chalet.placked black jack and talked.we have all really grown up i guess.hahaa.and changed a bit.joshua still seems the same though.picking up quarrels and stuff. yup.it was nice time spent with them.

and before trng ytd i watched HARRY POTTER!!hahaa.i cant stop oogling at the guy who plays cedric.he is so good-looking and cute!the movie was good.makes your heart pound and pound.and at some parts melts your heart.lol.almost there.yeahh.everyone go and watch it!!you will love it.thanks a lot to XIUQING!!a million thanks!we all owe you something.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
12:07 pm
whee.i've finally managed to squash in time to blog!orientation has been really keeping me busy.i havent had a nice day off yet!hahaa.but nevermind.it's fun doing the planning and stuff.orientation06 will be a success!!haa.i've been msging and using the computer so much that my mum thinks im doing duno what.told her a million times im doing orientation already but she still...whatever.6i's chalet is tmr!!until friday.cant wait to meet up with all of them again.those days in primary school were really great.and im watching harry potter on the 17th with mel,gerraldine,junwen and XIUQING!hahaa.yeah.she's the nice person who booked the tickets for us.wheee.so exciting!hahaa

Sunday, November 06, 2005
9:41 pm
sc camp was FUN! haha. there were lectures that my my legs numb but they were enriching. i could hardly absorb much from mr kiw. i get what he's trying to say. but i dont really get what the quotes are about. hahaa. then the games by the different groups were well done i would say. but we will improve improve improve!! sing-a-long session was HIGH as usal. but avt just isnt the place to carry it out. no space for movement at all! but i still enjoyed it anyway. lol. the candle game supposedly invented by an ex-dunmanian was sooo cool. haha cant believe a ex-DUNMANIAN invented it. and it spread to the jcs too. like woah!!hahhaa. sleeping at night was a bit of a problem. some people were still soooo awake. i wonder how they do it. lolx. i think in the end i slept at 2 plus or 3 plus? hahaha. it was too hard u see. hehe. and the next mroning some people woke up at like 5 plus which is totally crazy!! haha. slept "early" and wake up early. and.. we had to report at 7. do they need that much time to get ready?? i intended to wake up at 6.25 but got awoken earlier. much earlier. haha. but nvm. ecp challenge was great! such satisfaction. from dhs all the way to bedok jetty. it was something like a amazing race/treasure hunt thing. yupp. then we did a puzzle. one per grp. like they were all mixed up so we had to find frm other grps. my grp got the whole sc grp photo one. and we finshed the fastest. a lot of details so i guess that made it really easy. yeah. they will be hung up in the sc room. so cool ya. hahaa. then we had 'guardian angel' we each got a candle. those kind of flat ones in a metal thing. yeah. we stuck white stickers with our names on the bottom. and placed it in a heart shape with 'SC' in the middle. then a bench was placed in front of it. and anyone was free to go up to say anything abt the camp and sc. so a few of us did. yupp. then we each took back a candle with someone else's name and we are tt person's angel. then we went home.

as soon as i got home, i went to bathe then we went to kerri's house. the food was yummy!as always. =PP we talked and stuff. next relaxing night out. =) love my cousins!!

Friday, November 04, 2005
9:00 am
im in a class of gepers!!oh no! im scared of them you know.3k 3k 3k...can i change class?
oh and i actually forgot that we can check our classes and subject combi today. i only remembered when zhai rui asked me.hee

8:10 am

awww. we look like we are crying. HAH!

mr dragon


portable pit
there are more photos actually. but these are the nicer ones.haha

7:40 am
i woke up at 6.30 a.m. today to get ready for training at school which is supposed to start at 0800. 1/2 hour earlier than my usual because my dad has to send my sister to cedar for training too. and just as i was about to leave, zhixin called me. mrs bok msged her to say: no training!!! so i called iris then back to zhixin again and we decided not to go back to school even for PT since the coaches werent going to be there. luckily eva wasnt on her way to school yet and that was at about 0725. if we had training she would be late. lol. kk. nvm

anyway, i was typing a rather long entry last night. and blogger/ the internet explorer cocked up. and everything was gone. so here i am trying to re-type everything again.

yeah. so on wednesday morning, the first training with our new coach, it was raining too. but nope, training wasnt canceled. haa. we spent an hour cleaning up and listen to mrs bok and mr teo(the new coach) talk. the new coach seems quite nice and he's better than mr law in my opinion. but only seven of the b girls were there anyway, they will have to wait to monday for the next training and god knows whether it will rain or not. yupp. so we trained all the way to 1100.

at 1100 i rushed to find the orientation com. meeting started at 1000 but i went an hour late because of training. and the teachers have great ideas. they are so creative people! hahaa. then, the teachers left and we had our lunch. following that we went to the com lab to work on more of the orientation stuff. i tried to log in with my user but i failed in the end. i tried all the possible passwords(i think) but none of them worked. i tried sooooo many times that the computer locked me out. i'll just have to find the admin person/ computer technician next year. yupp. then at about 3 plus or so we left school.

took bus, mrt, then bus to my CLASS CHALET!! when i reached the bus stop, jerome came out and we collected the food we ordered from the man who was waiting at the carpark. he was kind of impatient because he was in a hurry. but hey, that shouldn't be his attitude still! hahaa. so we walked to the chalet and got ready to bbq very quickly. we forgot quite some stuff so people had to go out a few times to get things. oh and we borrowed a lighter from someone else to light the fire starter cos none of us had anything of that sort. hehee. yeahh. so as junwen and i were fanning to make the charcoal burn i extinguished two of the four fire starters. so i just let someone else do the job. in the end, it was mainly because of chia hao that the fire started. so we started bbq-ing and the food was YUMMY! hahaa. i was by the pit bbq-ing and the smoke got into my eyes a few times and made me tear and have a runny nose for a moment even! what a big bully the smoke was!! and when i moved to another side of the pit the smoke still came to me. someone was saying the smoke always goes to me. yeah. the smoke likes me!lol. anyway t started to rain not long later and we got out our umbrellas to shelter the bbq pit and the food and continued bbq-ing. but it got too heavy later so jerome went to cheers to get a portable pit. the fire started really easily but weicheng thought he was a dragon and blew the fire in hope of making it more suitable for bbq-ing. but he ended up blowing out the fire instead. hahhaaa. but he managed to start it again. some of us sat around bbq-ing more food. some were shooting water guns, some throwing water bombs, some playing x-box and blar. i got wet by someone who burst a water bomb on my back. yikes!! ai, but i was wet before that by the rain already. so whatever! but it was such a waste of water!! lol. then we went to the bowling alley. i watched people play as usual cause i was leaving soon. so at about 10.30 p.m. jingxuan's dad came and fetched geraldine, yinghua and i home! thanks sooooo much!! i hope we didnt stink up his car too much. hehhee. i really really enjoyed my day, esp at the chalet. we took quite some photos and honestly, it had such a great time there that i would have stayed over if i could.

so there's sc camp later in the afternoon. overnight and until saturday late late late evening or early night. then i will go to kerri's house after that!! yeah! so much fun!!!


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Zhi Xin
Zhuo Wen

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