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Light the shadows
Saturday, October 29, 2005
10:24 am

spastic melissa

tunnel or cave?

the forbidden city

we just love the escalator


now he he get's his share

jerome's trying to be part of the photo



june&cherie. cheer up!

fandi and me


interclass--1st runner-ups =)

Friday, October 28, 2005
10:02 pm
today's the last day of school for the year. but it didn't feel like so for me. anyway, morning assembly today was really really long. lots of announcements and speeches. especially the one for mr kiw. he's retiring from the post as DM from what i understand. he's still teaching and all isnt it? anyway, it was really sad for many of us. the principal cried, the vp cried, students cried. after the assembly some of us went to united world college for a talk show on 'designer labels matter more than design for lifes to youths today'. we were late. but it was quite cool and all. the show and the people there. lol. the students or boarders there all looked really stylish, txy said that it's such irony they are attending such a talk show. anyway, it was aired on radio. and launa was sooooo brave! she was the only one from our school who voiced her own opinions. the rest of us were.. just scared of saying the wrong thing. went back to school at 10 plus. and had spring cleaning later. and we took photos. yup. everyone was quite sad because we are parting but hey people we've still got the chalet! after school mel and i went to look for vballers. eva was soooo upset! it's because yixian's leaving anyway. she's the one that taking it the hardest. i think the rest of us sort of accepted the fact and expected yx to leave. so we weren't as sad. so in the end eva decided not to go out with us. and serene went somewhere else. michelle suddenly turned back when we were walking to the bus stop. she looked really tired/sad too. so we didnt chase her back. and yixian had parent teacher meeting. so in the end it was just zhixin, krystal, melissa and me. went to pasta mania to eat. then we went to taka and decided to sit down and talk. i guess we were just all so exhausted. then, we took photos and had some good laughs. haa.. and zhixin's ball rolled into the great big 'nigera falls' and when i saw i screamed. lol. and we suddenly all burst out laughing. yupp. so we went home after that, quite early for a day out.

today was really a sad day at school. but life is just full of partings so we have to take it in our stride, i will miss all you guys who are leaving dhs. and i will always miss the great times we had in 2e. i think 2e has really come far. from a not-so-enthusiastic class last year to a wonderful one this year. and we are finally having a chalet!!lol. i think everyone's a year older, so everyone just has more mature thinking and stop going against what some of us plan for the class. hehhee

Thursday, October 27, 2005
9:15 pm
melissa has decided to stay!!!yeah!!!cheer everyone. but it's really sad that krystal and yixian are still leaving. since they have made such a decision i just want them to be happy there at TJ. heard that standards are quite low there. as in their criteria for getting into the school is not high. yupp. whatever it is, i just want both of them to come back to dhs A LOT! but i doubt yixian will travel to the former rj to see us. im filled with sadness now. and yixian's breaking her promise again. she said one fine day the next time we go out she will come along. then she broke it. she said next time again. and it's just a cycle. whatever, she has her reasons. we still cant have a 8 person outing, a full team outing

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
8:43 pm

zen me yin cang wo de bei shang
shi qu ni de di fang
ni de fa xiang san de cong mang
wo yi jing gen bu shang
bi shang yan jing hai neng kan jian
ni li qu de hen ji
zai yue guang xia yi zhi zhao xun
na xiang nian de shen ying
ru guo shuo fen shou shi ku tong de qi dian
na zai zhong dian zhi qian wo yuan yi zai ai yi bian
xiang yao dui ni shuo de bu gan shuo de ai
hui bu hui you ren ke yi ming bai

wo hui fa zhe dai ran hou wang ji ni
jie zhe jin jin bi shang yan
xiang zhe na yi tian hui you ren dai ti
rang wo bu zai xiang nian ni
wo hui fa zhe dai ran hou wei wei xiao
jie zhe jin jin bi shang yan
you xiang le yi bian ni wen rou de lian
zai wo wang ji zhi qian

xin li de yan lei mo hu le shi xian
ni yi kuai kan bu jian

i am not going through a break up as in bgr but rather friends are leaving and my team is falling apart physically though i hope not in the mind. this song somehow expresses what i feel about it. it's jay chou's gui ji anyway, and it's a really sad song when you listen to it. it just makes your heart ache

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
8:37 pm
mr tan tui gee is sooo generous!he just took out 10 bucks to treat us to ice cream. i certainly had no intention to eat ice cream at all.

anyway, our dream is shattered.okay, maybe right from the start it wasnt our dream, it was just MY dream. what is the "rainbow" now without blue, indigo, orange? white will not be able to form without those three colours you know. what's left for me now are just going to be memories and more of it. today's our last training and the whole team wasnt even there. i just cant imagine future trainings without krystal who just updates us with the lastest gossips around. without yixian cracking her stupid jokes and being just oh-so-cute! without seeing melissa panicking at the sight of certain teachers. thanks you guys for those memorable days still. as i said u guys are one of the best things that ever happened to me in dunman. so i just want new, nice, good, cool volleyball girls to transfer in next year. as in like the people of the same batch as me. hmm..that's quite a bit to ask for. actually i just hope they are nice people, easy to click with.they wont be able to replace any of the positions in team-o4 but nevermind, we will just form a whole new bonded team, like starting from scratch or something.

honestly i had expected them to decide to go. with the exception of melissa though. so today when krystal, zhixin and yixian came to the canteen and zhixin said they handed in the form already, i wasnt shocked. i dont know how i felt. i really wanted to just dao them for the rest of the day. then i got a little upset when i just stared into the blank air.i think i could have cried if i allowed myself to. actually i think i did tear a little, but i just told myself to stop it.

oh no, i should just stop here before i burst......

Monday, October 24, 2005
2:50 pm

i really do hope that you guys DO NOT go to TJC. think about how much everyone at school love you guys.well, at least the whole volleyball team, especially OUR dearest team-04 and your classmates. by going away, how many hearts do you all actually break. and by NOT GOING, i doubt anyone feels as much agony. why do you all have to leave dhs. it isnt that bad. didnt we have loads of fun together in dunman? to yixian in particular, distance really shouldnt be the deciding factor. and life in TJ would be so stressful for you with your mum there, having such high expectations on you, like as if the curriculum wont give you enough of it. to melissa, you are still wavering, not sure whether to go or not. but didnt you see how much effort we tried to put in to surprise you for your birthday celebration? though it might not have been totally successful. we guys really love you, all three of you actually. i hope we managed to touch you and you decide to stay. you are doing well in dhs arent you? so why leave? to krystal, i dont really know why you have decided to leave actually, probably because the school's more towards the cheena side. but havent you survived well and met such great people in dhs?

you've got all your friends here.so many of us. and we are all really sad that you guys want to leave. i seriously hope that you all just change my mind now. remember your good friends in primary school. you can be soooo close one moment and once you all go to different schools, everything is just different. you may still be in contact, but do you get to have as much fun together, go out together, share your secrets. sometimes, everything just ends there even. can you bear to do that. it's not like dhs sucks and you have to go to another school so that your future will still be bright. dhs is good too.it can give us a good education journey.


we still have to work as one complete team towards our goal. what will our slogan "8girls, 1 dream" be after you leave and then serene decides to hop over to bball. are we going to have "4girls, 1/2dream" instead?!?!?!??!?!?!? we haven't got any respectable placing in any tournaments yet. and are you all just going to give up half way?ARE YOU JUST GOING TO LET OUR TEAM BE HOPELESS FOREVER BECAUSE THERE WONT EVEN BE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO PLAY A MATCH? are you going to leave us and make us look like a pathetic bunch of aimless girls, with a shattered dream?

think about it. we dont want that to happen do we?

oh.and just something else. to the others who want to go too, please consider staying as well. but if you insist on going, whatever. BUT STOP TRYING TO MAKE OTHERS GO TOO.

Sunday, October 23, 2005
11:24 pm
celebrated melissa's bday ytd with eva, krystal, zhixin and michelle.it was supposed to be a surprise.but she probably knew sth was wrong through all our communiacting.cos she wasnt tt shocked.btw, eva made her really pretty and femine.hair colour spray and make-up!!haha.i made a cake for her with cake mix. it broke when i flipped it out of the pan but nevermind, cos it was still yummy. haha. hope melissa liked it. i woke up at 6.45 to do it kay. and i do not know why it took so long to be done. one and a half or more hours. which is weird cos the precious time i did it 40 mins was enough. hehe. nvm. we bought her earrings. and i think we are still gonna get more stuff. yup. absolutely. although she says it's enough.

went out for dinner tonight with my dad's thai friends. yeahh. got to know a bunch of thai guys. they've got really cute names. and two of them actually live soooooooo near my house.they study here tt's why. yeah. then some of them went jamming and my sister wanted to go listen so i went too. first time in a studio. lol. it was pretty small. they played heavy metal. not really my kind but still it's cool to be able to play guitar and drums!hah.

Thursday, October 20, 2005
4:49 pm
oh ya.there was a sort of briefing for chiangmai trip today too.mabel and i shall be roommates.samantha, june, yuntong, cheryl, dinah, jiahui and us shall get rooms close together too. hahaaa. so exciting.i hope it will be fun and that everything just goes smoothly.

4:31 pm
2e lost to 2i ytd.but it's okay. we still got 2nd!
mabel, june, yuntong and i went to town ytd too. zara joined us later cos she went home to take her music books.and she didnt know how to go upstairs at heerens!lol.i thought she would like visit town quite often and know the place well.hehee.we took neoprints twice.yupp.it was quite fun!!
got back some papers today.and i'm not exactly happy with them.but im not sad either.i think since it's over means over.yupp.i did my best and that's it.i'll just work harder in the future.in the meantime i just really look forward to a new year, new class, new environment. and before that..of course the holidays! hehe.
there's training tmr anyway.so exciting!! i miss trainings sooooooooooo much!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
1:12 pm
yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my class is up against 2i tmr for 1st and 2nd placing.i love to have the gold throphy.hehheee.but getting this far makes me really happy already.i hope we are ALL on form tmr.then we stand a chance to win 2i and shock everyone including ourselves.hahaa.2k was a little 'shi shen' today against us.weird.like they didnt put in much effort.i wonder why.but nevermind.

Monday, October 17, 2005
8:56 pm

woohoo!!!i'm listening to jaychou's new song now.it's called 'ye qu' and it's REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!my gosh!i want him to fa pian now!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:50 pm
i just saw this quiz link on melissa's blog.and here's what i am.haha
Your Hair Should Be Red
Passionate, fiery, and sassy.You're a total smart aleck who's got the biggest personality around.
What's" Your Funky Inner Hair Color?

8:08 pm
had interclass today.and i was really nervous at first.hhhaa.but in the end everything turned out quite alright.yupp.im really glad we won both classes we played with.good games they were.so tmr we're up against 2b first and if we lose we are out and if we win we are up against 2c or 2k again.i really do hope my class can get a 1st or 2nd placing.so jia you guys!we must have team spirit ya.stayed on in school after the matches and played a little of bball and MORE VBALL!haa.i miss training sooo much!hope when training starts they will be effective ones.after playing, zhixin, melissa, yixian, shiying and i sat down and talked a lot.it's amazing how well sec twos can bond with sec ones. while 2g was was practising real hard. they should get most hardworking team while zhixin's class should get most enthusiastic and bonded team. kk. so we went to parkway to eat. walked a little then went home.
anyway, we are intending to sleep over at michelle's house after trng this friday.and we want to go sentosa the next saturday!!hahaa.at least shiying and i do want.oh.and finally zhixin wants to go sentosa too.we all want to get nice nice tans.haha.but i think trngs will spoil them all in the end.and.........i want my vball tee!!!lolx.i think we need to sit down and discuss what to do.we need something for memory's sake!

Friday, October 14, 2005
9:56 pm
all wrapped up

i like such skirts...but i dont own any


yeah!!!exams are OVER!!!lol.i wont say everything went smoothly.i cant say anything bout those difficult questions tt i couldnt do.im not bothered by them actually.BUT...i cant forgive myself when i knew how to do those simple fill in the blanks questions for d&t paper but left them out.DUMBNESS!BLURNESS!yes.i checked my paper once and twice...and wait!oh shucks i left section B out.10 questions!!!it was like the last minute already.yes mr raja announced.crap..i left three blanks that i knew how to do.shucks!!!d&t is supposed to pull my overall grades up.the paper was sooooooooooooo EASY!!!haa.im not gonna dwell on it.but such things happen to everybody.i think everybody experiences this at least once in alife time.hahax.i used to think how could my brother miss out a question in his maths paper at some BIG EXAM.and now i stupidly did the same.it's just all part of life i guess.hehe
went for a short little meeting for thailand trip stuff after tt.i cant wait for trip!!!it's all gonna be sooooo exciting and cool.haha.then i went to look for my class ppl.practised for inter-class.held up some ppl who wanted to go to east coast for class outing as a result.sorry peeps!!!but we HAD TO practise.it was ESSENTIAL.yeah.so i hope we can go far in the matches/it's all scary and stuff.i just hope we can have a nice achievement together before we part.so they went to east coast later.i didnt go.neither did melissa nor junwen nor samantha n xiuqing.yeah we went to town together!!hhaa.i missed town soooo much.lolx.kk.went on a window shopping spree and err..."try-on-clothes" spree.haha.it's the first time i went out with the whole bunch of them.weird huh.after almost 10 months, this is the first time.i wonder why i never went with them before in the past.haha.anyway i want those nice flairy zara skirts!and those simple fox clothes. and all the pretty pretty stuff out there.hehhee

Thursday, October 13, 2005
11:23 am
"Hi girls, we won't b taking part in vas this yr.Im using the money 4 xtra trg sessions n to...."

i received this message from zhixin yesterday(originally from mrs bok). it made me feel kind of sad.but then again i wont have to worry abt missing it cos of sc trip.and then i moved on.and...........

"engage another coach as well."

engage another coach.i jumped and screamed in joy at that.then i realised tt i was being really mean.but no, i couldnt control.i continued jumping for joy.yes.im mean.but that's my true feelings, the true me, the true attitude i have towards mr law. i'm sorry i did that. but...im sure anybody would if your coach isnt really competent enough. i know he's a pro setter/player and all but he just doesnt have the ability to coach. it's not easy coaching.yes, i agree but when you want to do it u have to do it well.
mrs bok told me this morning that we're not joining vas also becos some good schools(in vball) like cedar arent joining.she thinks we will have no competition if we join.therefore her decision. and she added she might as well use the money for trainings and to try to engage a new coach.try..i hope it it will be done soon.but not just engage any coach.i want a good one.it's hard to define when it comes to such things but you will just know it once you have the trainings. in the mean time, i shall just go on and train hard even with the not-so-commanding coach.

Monday, October 10, 2005
12:17 pm
time to rest!

rascal e cockroach buster to the rescue!!

where's that cockroach?

Saturday, October 08, 2005
6:42 pm
PINEAPPLES make me happy!!!!!
just one small cube of it works wonders

Wednesday, October 05, 2005
12:39 pm

just a random work to test out.

12:04 pm
"I hold the whole but as the world a stage,
where every man must play a part"
how true that statement is.everyone contributes to this world.everyone plays a part but we mould our own parts, our own stage.

exams, exams and more exams.it's on everyone's mouth now. i'm thinking ahead. i just cant wait for end-of-years to be over. i can't wait to have fun, cant wait to have trainings again(although the last few werent very memorable), cant wait to go to town with vballers, cant wait to shop, cant wait for a new year, a new class, a new start.

i have decided.no matter what the coach is like i'm going to do my best. for the sake of the team and myself.and to some extend the school. i'm going to train properly and hard as i should.i shall not let myself get pissed. that particular dream i had some time ago served as a reminder for me.i will not let it happen.NEVER.it was a good warning.and it really scared the wits out of me.im going to strive hard.

Saturday, October 01, 2005
2:26 pm
i intended to change my blog template after exams but just suddenly got so tired of my it.that i changed it today.actually, i just replaced the picture and change the colours.hehe


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