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Light the shadows
Thursday, September 29, 2005
6:02 pm
it happened AGAIN after a long break.i wonder who's THE ONE.what is his/her motive?i think we all dont know who to trust now.it could be anyone, anyone at all.
english file, literature file, science file,merchant of venice.what else does he/she want?
i should say this person is amzing.not as a compliment though.his/her actions are so swift that it is freaky.probably in just less than 10 minutes.swipe!and gone!in less than 35 minutes.things come and go.and the thing is there were so many people around.my mov and sam's science file(but with missing notes) were found at least.i guess that person is out to play a trick OR freaked out when we went to report.
whoever the person is i dont know and i dont want to suspect anybody at all.i just want this to stop.

i want to add on that this series seems so drama.yea.it can almost be a movie plot or something..

Saturday, September 24, 2005
1:09 pm
just one last photo before we part

aww...it's dark

blurred vision



smile! it's cherie and kerri!!

had another cousins dinner again last night cos yang is going back to england to study soon!!but she'll be back for christmas.so hopefully we will see her then again. =PPyeah.so we met at marina bay mrt. they all had in mind which place they wanted to have the steamboat buffet already.yeah..not the one where they provide you with a free ride there.but in the end jieyou was hungry so i think he err.. got easily persuaded by the man there to go to their restaurant.yeah..the place reminded me of malaysia..the setting and all.so we started our meal and it was nice and all chatting and stuff.long came later tho.after that we went to the arcade and played.and well,long left early.anyway,i cant play datona!!hehee.i still have not figured out to control the car.which is soooo dumb.then we took the free bus back to marina mrt again.stood at the bus stop for some time deciding where to go.and we side-tracked to some childhood memories, the different stuff we do at each other's house.so in the end they decided to go town.but my sister and i didnt go in the end.decided that if we went, by the time we reached home it would have been 12 plus.yaa.but i still really enjoyed the time out with them.it was a very last minute decision, didnt know i was going out until about half an hour before we left for marina. =PP

Sunday, September 18, 2005
9:05 pm
ge dou tian wang

went back to school ytd to help miss loh for alumni dinner.yupp.we had to shift benches and tables.hahaa.it's mabel's hobby!!lolx.we have been doing it since this year's sec one orientation.haa.then we two did the registration together AGAIN!!!hehhe.like psltc camp.yupyupp.it was soo cool seeing all the seniors coming back.they like date back to 1967's graduation batch!!hahaa.there was one from 1967 and he was the head prefect.everyone was soooo interested to know who he is.yeahh.after duties mabel, cheryl, yunshan, berlinda, lili, mengshuan and me went to parkway to eat.heheee.they are all a bunch of funny people la.mabel forgot SOMETHING.haha.sheesh.i shant say what she forgot.and she's the one someone somehow remembers but dont know why he remembers her.hahaa.yunshan couldnt stop laughing the whole time.haa.she's really cute!and of course meng shuan couldnt stop talking bt science.he's one really interesting guy who loves to play with food anyway.cheryl was always the most convincing, able to make mengshuan turn his head when she called "TaXY".yupp.it refers to someone.haha.berlinda showed us sth new!!!hahaa.it's so amazing and it works on everyone.and lili just missed playing so much bball that he resorted to playing mini-bball with mabel's fury ball on her hp.yeahh.it was fun eating with them. a lot of laughter and all.student council rocks!!

anyway, ge dou tian wang is getting interesting!!!duan yan hao likes xiao kui.hehhee

Friday, September 16, 2005
9:51 pm

our masterpiece!!

what a cute little girl

one happy family

today's a friday!!haha.after school went for sc meeting bout mid-autumn celebration.then i volunteered to help arrange tables at hostel canteen cos ms loh was sooo poor thing.like no one wanted to help.yeah.i understand tt kind of thing.cos it happened to me like just!!kk.melissa and zhixin went to help too.and zhi xin is future sc!!!yeah!!i feel happy.a pity she cant go chiang mai.im soooooooo looking forward to tt trip still anyway.after all the arranging which was abt two plus, yixian, mel, zhixin and eva and me went out together.went parkway though we wanted to go somewhere else at first.then we did this thing tt usually only little kids do.it's the one were u squeeze paint or sth out and when u are done the lady there will put it into the oven for u.and tt thing can be stuck on glass.yepp.we chose this cute little girl and i say we are alll sooooooo creative!hhaaa.kk.it turned out really well.yeah.den we went to eat at kfc.i JUST realised the meat inside shrooms burger is chicken meat!!i thought it was beef so never ate it before until today!hhaa.im sooooo freaking dumb.but at least i realised in the end.lolx.then we went to buy laterns.zhixin got this zebra latern and mel got a giraffe.which are both soooo cute.reached school just on time at 5.30pm.den at 6.30 met at canteen for treasue hunt briefing.den at 7.10 or 15, SCs taking classes were scattered around the field.the ppl had to find us lah.like they had to go arnd asking are u taking **class.yeah.but some knew who their scs were and just found them straight away.like 2f!!hhaa.the class i took.yeah.each class had like 5 ppl participating.but many others joined in the fun.yeah.it was the 2f 'guys gang' la.andrew,hongyi,yuhong,nicolas and leonard.they were quite okay la,i was expecting a difficult time.they were quite enthu.but they were saying im lousy cos i cant give good clues.iwasnt supposed to except only tell them like near or far and such.so i was just doing what i cld la.aniway they were supposed to find places and objects arnd the school.so all the pictures.seven to find and at the end use the puzzle pieces to form the photo.yupp and the three levels of the same alphabet class had to combine in a sense tt they help each other fix the puzzle and all have to complete before they are considered done.so we were running abt the school and one of the places was tt lt toliet supposed to be haunted.the girls toliet anyway.haha.so the guys just went in.the only one they can ever go in without being caught on this very special day.ithink the f classes got 1st runner up.hehe.altho it's not my class, i still feel happy for them la.yup.had a really good workout today.running so quickly arnd the school.yepp.oh and i dropped in a suggestion at the suggestion box for the facilities and infrastructure and buildings we want at the new dhs.i requested for multi-purpose sports hall, tennis court, swimming pool and STUDENTS' LOUNGE!!everyone go drop in ur suggestions too!!!

aniway.ytd was my dad's bday but we celebrated on saturday cos my bro went to thailand for ns trng on sun night.it was a nice nice ala-carte buffet at paramount hotel.was soooooo full.and my bro and his gf bought a super delicious chocolate cake for my dad.YUMMY!!


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Zhi Xin
Zhuo Wen

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