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Light the shadows
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
11:05 pm
mr law got pissed on ytd cos we didnt know the numberings of the placings in volleyball.i feel dumb not knowing it even after one almost two years of playing.oh ya.and mr law was pissed but he FAILED TO BE FIERCE.that's the 'coach' for you.

10:45 pm
all sweaty me with SZE YEN!!

today's celebration at school was quite okay.i was serving cake while we were supposed to be 'partying'.didnt mind afterall i wasnt tt keen to eat.besides i like serving.lolx.the concert performances were a mix.some were very funny but there were those that were boring.eds' dances dressing was so cool!hehe.and 'daniel and friends' did a lame dance which really made everyone laugh.went back to tns after all tt.met all those ex-schoolmates.hehe.jasmine was as warm as ever.and she cut her hair short.and she still looks super good and pretty.hehe.kk.went with a bunch of 6i girls to look for sze yen, wanlin, taggie,ruiyang,weilin,luther n taggie's cousin at taggie's old house.played 'soccer'.sze yen was so pro and i was like a stupid dummie beside her.hehe.den we went on to katong shopping centre.wanted to bowl.but we waited for some time before we decided to go away.lol.went to eat the five star chicken rice at katong.i didnt eat though just took a drink.then we started talking bout having a class chalet again.i hope it happens.6i'03 is full of memories.miss those times.how we all studied hard, played hard and went out together....

Saturday, August 27, 2005
1:28 pm
went to cheung cheng yishun yesterday for friendly matches.the school was so new and nice.the design was like modern chinese.the feeling was really like in the olden times in present day.i like their sports hall place.indoors yet very open.it was quite hot though.we won cchy but it wasnt a very good play by us.

i just realised yesterday why sec ones are the ones mr law concentrates on.here's the reasoning
1)sec twos are no good
2)sec threes are really good but they dont really care about him sometimes.
3)sec ones listen to him and they've got a good future ahead in terms of volleyball
it's sad to say he has given up on my team.he never fails to neglect us.he wont train us unless most of the sec threes are around.it's really sad.i wish he can get a balance and not practise such neglect and stuff.trainings get really boring when sec threes arent around cos we are left alone.in fact i wonder if training is of any use or help without them around.i really want my team to improve.we need to have some sort of achievement together!!!let's all work harder team-o4!!!

anyway, i think the three of them are REALLY LEAVING.haix.and serene claims that she will hop over to bball if they really leave.how pathetic will my team be then, a miserable four-member team.hope that will not happen.i think ip is making a mess in our school life.okay.maybe that's too serious a term.but it has something to that effect.it's making teams split up.volleyball isnt the only one, badminton is too.it's making some of us confused too, in terms of studies.wonder is ip is that good.but then again being the minority in your school taking o-levels doesnt seem like a good idea either.i want to go hwa chong for jc studies!!that's partially why i cant be totally convinced about going for dhp.my dad has doubts about ip too.i think what he said to me really makes sense.at first i hoped for the school to go full ip so i dont really need to think.but after i made that decision this full ip thing came up and i no longer wish that it is in place

Saturday, August 20, 2005
9:42 pm
met at eunos for flag day again today.haha.team o4 ppl there went together.tt's like six of us.yea.luckily we were too lazy to go to where the crowd were standing.they had to queue to get their tins.so we were the first few to get and go.went to simei.not many people.but nice place to collect donations.haha.den wanted to go chinatown.we thought tanjong pagar was near chinatown.so we dropped at chinatown but it didnt seem too near.hahaa.i think we were at the further end or sth.yupp.so we went back into the mrt and went to town!lolx.went heerens for neoprints.finally serene is inside!!muahah.they were nice pictures.hee.then eva's friend came and gave her a whole bag of coins.i wonder how much it totalled up to be.siaoo lor.went back to eunos to return cans at bt one.den zhixin, melissa and i went to parkway.waited so long for 15.cos we just missed the bus.had lunch there and walked round.rusty is cool but it's quite ex. =P
once again, team o4 rocks!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005
6:58 pm
haha.went to watch fireworks again near the place i went on national day again by the sea.the finale was really great apparently i wasnt smart enough to delete my songs to take video or pictures.that was pratically the only amazing thing of the night.the rest was nothing much.sooo..no photos this time.cos i was taking video.which some parts are nice some arent.but whatever it is.im not putting on my blog cos someone says it will be kind of too large.so takes long long long time to load.

Friday, August 12, 2005
9:14 pm
today doesnt feel like a friday!!haa.was looking forward to training and all.then suddenly i think everyone's mood changed when we heard melissa wants to go to tj~!!!PLEASE DONT!!zhixin,eva and i were trying to talk her out of it.i cant imagine what will happen if really kyrstal,yi xian and melissa go to tj!!haix.and eva has some back injury.heard tt she need abt half a yr to recover.hope she gets well sooner then tt.really soon i hope.and she got pissed today.as in like angry with us.sorry eva!!we were joking laa.and katherine sudden;y fell on the floor during trng!!she sprained her ankle.i think a lot of us didnt think she injured herself at first until iris rushed over to her.hope she recovers soon too.so many injuries in vball team this year.zhixin, sheila, iris, eva, den katherine....

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
9:53 pm

went to watch fireworks AGAIN today with my parents, sister and maid.and it's much more satisfying.cos we were sooooooo near could even see the barge where the fireworks were shot from so clearly.yea.we were sitting somewhere at marina bay right next to the sea.or..river mouth?walked there from suntec.hahaa.but it's right beside benjamin sheares bridge anyway.so it's almost like watching two displays of fireworks in a day.haha.will most probably be going to watch again on the 14th.hee.cool right.whee.national day is cool.get to watch fireworks and have a good holiday.i love singapore!!oh ya.and there were so many patriotic ppl.wearing red tops white bottoms. :))
the fireworks display was simply spectacular!!!

12:50 pm

went to watch fireworks last night.or should i say this morning?haha.it started at 12 midnight la.yeah.it was quite long.hehee.so nice =))

Monday, August 08, 2005
4:41 pm
the nice skirt!!


today's celebration at school was BORING like anything.hhahaha.whatever.mask-making and concert.hahhaa.2k's drama was soooooo inauidible.i wonder who was paying attention.the other classes did a better job.kk.went out with eva,krystal, zhixin, and mich to orchard AGAIN.hahhax.went singtel to eat!!hahha.havent been there for a long long time.all of them were exclaiming how cheap the food was.hahhaa.i ate sooooo much la.chicken chop plus ice kachang.yikes!!i will just get extremely fat one day if i continue.haha.den we went to cineleisure.wanted to catch a movie.but the place was FLOODED.but nvm.on our way down we saw tt jue dui superstar guy.hagen.he's sooo good-looking.even krystal who used to think he was gay says he is shuai.hahha.on our way further down mich left suddenly AGAIN.cos she said her point of coming out was to watch movie but since we din i think she got angry or sth.hmm..mich u arent supposed to get angry!!the place was overcrowded la.relax kay.hehhee.so we went on to heerens.den to ZARA!!tt big one.hahhaa.actually wanted to try exotic clothes but ended up trying nice ones.krystal suggested going zara but she didnt try anything!!haha.you should krystal!muahahx.i tried this brown tank top and a pretty pretty skirt.i wanna get tt kind one day.it rawks!!hahhaa.the top made me look fat opr big or sth to tt effect.hahhabut the skirt was totally beutiful.tried a dress while eva tried a cute top.the dress was soooooooo low cut la.hahahax.so i decided not to take a picture.hehe.if it wasnt soo low it would have been really nice too.hehhee.yupx.then we all went home after tt.pretty early but it was still loads of fun. =PpP

Sunday, August 07, 2005
9:03 pm
wheee.today's a really great day!!i love my teammates.hehee.we met at 10 plus for brunch.some came later and stuff but yeah. we ate at kfc.tt tiny lil one at bugis, inside the mall.ate tt rancho pockett thing.it's like the same as the bandito pocket.hahha.kk.went to collect our tins after tt.den we split up.zhixin,michelle,krystal,biwen and i went orchard area.duno where eva and serene went.yixian and mel went like esplanade?!?!and padang?hahaa.kk.den at orchard zhixin, biwen and i decided to down the stretch.so we split with krystal and mich.decided to go istana.cos biwen said it was open.yeah.and it was!!haha.so got loads of ppl.hahaa.it was the right place to go.lolx.but this rg girl came and snatch our business la!!she can just pop out in front of you to get ur 'customers'.hahaa.whatever.we are all doing it for charity anyway.kyrstal and mich came to join us.den we went into ps later.hahaa.ate yummylicious double chocolate ice-cream!!woohoo.hhhaa.went to the mrt there and yixian and mel were there too!haha.what a coincidence.went to suntec.but before we cld do anything we went back to bugis.hehhee.returned the tins.then went to parco to take neoprints.hahaaha.so cool kay.a pity serene had to leave.we need a full team photo!!hehee.walked arnd a little den went back lo.oh and we took loads of dumb pictures.took some really 'dead' pictures at the mrt.so damn dumb la.
watched ge dou tian wang just now.it's a really lame show.weird weird show.hah.but i guess it's still not bad.hehee =PP
i love hanging out with my teammates
they must be one of the best things tt happened to me in dunman

Saturday, August 06, 2005
3:07 pm
yes.i hated the wind for a moment.if what my mum said was true.the wind blew my jigsaw puzzle apart.like half of it or so was destroyed.tt's about 250 pieces.i knew abt it on thurday night when i came up to study cos my parents were watching tv downstairs.it's right next to the window so..yeah.i was soooooooo sad la.couldnt study properly for chinese test.oh man.i need to get a frame quickly before it gets blown by the wind again!!hahaa.gonna do cip with vballers tmr =PP.it's flag day.haahaa.i hope it wont be tiring.kk.then there's ndp coming up.but i dont wanna wear a red shirt to school!!tt's cos i dont have a loose fitting red shirt.heee


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