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Light the shadows
Sunday, July 31, 2005
1:53 pm
a whole lot of pictures were copied from kerri =PP
la mian xiao long bao scotts


at newton circus
da big boys


kerri and me

me and my dear "hairdresser" after dinner

my hair!!

had cousins dinner last night!!i really enjoyed it.having my cousins around is always great.we ate la mian xiao long bao at scotts.although we were supposed to go to marina southat first.den we were deciding what to do after dinner.couldnt agree on going bowling or playing lan.so we went to international building to eat hk dessert.but we all sat down and decided to go to newton circus instead.hehe.had yummy stuff there.and took photos. =PP and my sister tied for me my hair before we went out cos she felt like it.hahhaa.i think it's really cool =) wheeee!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005
1:02 pm
went for friendly matches at peicai ytd after school.hahaa.havent played one for sooooo long.and at a short i played six.with short breaks in between.playing those three matches with the sec threes against those peicai ppl was pressurizing.and the two with my team was disappointing.and another with my team showed that we can do it!!the sec ones played too.they are really great!!im jealous!if one day they just play better than my team.i dont know what i'll do.so......to my team let's work harder!!we must be more serious during trainings okay.jia you everyone!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005
4:58 pm
my sister and i at kallang theatre- rapture

Saturday, July 23, 2005
1:16 pm
rapture is really cool!!i love the opening act!!!!!!!the concert was a mix of different dances laa.ballet, salsa, chinese dance.and......BREAKDANCE!!!i really enjoyed watching their performances.then there was the last dance, like jap schoolgirls, it was really cute.oh ya.and i met mabel there.and i saw tt superstar judge, lee wei song.
in the morning i was in school to do the prep for vball board for open house.we were like the noisiest people in the hall.with eva and serene, what do u expect.hehee.they all gave me a little cute pink bag for my bdae abt a month ago.haa.thanks a lot you guys!!i like it soo much!!den we went kallang macs for lunch and then back to school for trng.mr law made us do the frog jumps again and it was soo tiring cos our thighs were still aching frm tuesday's trng.
went to school today.to tend the el board.it was..utterly boring.and my back was aching a little frm all the standing up.

Thursday, July 21, 2005
4:52 pm
had forum this morning.time really flew by.by the time i looked at the clock again..woah.hahaa.then i was settling some vball stuff for the board on open house.and then i looked at the clock again.it was 9.30!!aand i was supposed to be at tampines at 10.heh.but mummy wasnt at home!so i had to walk to kembangan with aching legs.but the weather was great thankfully.met derek on the train.haha.and zhai rui was waiting for him at the mrt station at tampines.and we were heading to the same bus stop.they were like looking at me occassionally and laughing.like whatever.292 took soooo long to come.i waited like 20 min.in the end..i was 35 min late!opps.but yihsin wasnt any better.haha.i met her on the bus.kk.and at junwen's house.yihsin was doing most of the work.the rest were like sitting and lying down and stoning.and we took really long.considering it was quite a short project.yupyup.after tt took 292 to tampines mrt.again it took damn long.im not gonna sit 292 ever again!!
will be going to school tmr for prep for open house board in the morning.hopefully will go out after tt and then go back for trng.hehe.and im gonna leave trng early.going to sa's dance concert =PP

Tuesday, July 19, 2005
10:14 pm
i just knew today that it is mr law not low.but it's just han yu pin yin lao with a di yi sheng.

Sunday, July 17, 2005
5:15 pm
love is always patient and kind.
it is never jealous.
love is never boastful or conceited.
it is never rude or selfish.
it does not take offense and is not resentful.
love takes no pleasure in other people's sins,
but delights in the truth.
it is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope,
and to endure whatever comes.

5:13 pm
1200 or more balls continuous against the wall.=PP
i love volleyball and will always love it

Saturday, July 16, 2005
4:49 pm
i just read clara's blog.clara as in clara from volleyball.clara the sec one.the part mentioning the coach.i think somehow i pity him.everyone of us doesnt like the way he coaches and we have been like reporting all the bad things to mrs bok!but seriously.trainings are usually slacky.and he ALWAYS claims that he cannot split himself up to coach three teams.and therefore he ALWAYS leaves like one team out each time.i remember one time i suggested to him to look at one side for a while then go to the other but he refused.he said he couldnt.then i think he shouldnt take up such big teams.mr lim could do things so nicely but mr low cant.it's like mr low just simply FAILS to garner any respect from us.but with mr lim around it was different.okay.i think i should stop comparing.i think we need a better coach.we dont need mr lim back.although it'd be good.just someone who can coach us well.there was one day the sec twos were talking to mrs bok and she was telling us that she hadnt confirmed mr low's status as a coach with us.yeah.so he's still on trials.
he CANT multitask

Saturday, July 09, 2005
4:05 pm
today was jogathon!!yupyup.or cross-country in other words.it was lots and lots of fun!the sec one and two volleyballers 2005 are sooooo bonded!im so proud of that fact.hahaa.we love each other.dont you all agree??kk.the first half we were walking together.den i told zhi xin.let's jog back.she said okay.but did not!hahhax.so at first i jogged and slowed down to wait for them.when yixian(the one nearest) came close i went back to normal again.but after a couple of times i decided not to do that anymore.it felt really great,i was dripping wet by the end of the run.i really enjoyed the run.haha.though i didnt come in in any respectable position.yea.then most of the sec one and two vballers hang out together again and took pictures with yixian's camera.then we went on to cheer the boys who were finishing.hahha.those guys shld be sooooo honoured kay.so many girls cheering for them.hehe.went home after tt to wash up.zhixin,eva,mich and mel came along cos we were going out together.we wanted to go town and ask the sec ones to meet us there.but they decided not to go since they were all wet and sweaty.yea.what a chance we missed to go out together.haa.came home rather early.although it was just a short trip to town we had loads of fun.right melissa, zhi xin and eva?hah.mich!!why did you have to go home?!?!?!?and same for serene and krystal!!haha.kk.we shall go out again hopefully soon kay?love you guys!!dont leave me and the team!especially you yixian and krystal!get rid the thought of going to tj!!

the school announced ytd we are gonna have full ip.after i rejected.i didnt know how to react then.duno why.there were those who jumped for joy.literally jumped.and people like me who stone.okay not really.i just clapped after staring into blank air for a while.hahaa.a lot of people are happy bt it.but there are many who dont wanna go either.hahahx.i cant be bothered to think anymore.not now.haha.im not gonna make my mind explode again.lolx.

Sunday, July 03, 2005
10:31 pm
i received the invitation for dhp.but i cant really decide what to do.i actually made up my mind long before not to go to any ip.but now that it is right here i really cant make a decision.im afraid of making the wrong choice to be honest.i dont want to regret.after all the briefing and introduction to dhp it seems quite good.but there are of course the not-so-good points.im sure it'd be stressful.but stress occurs no matter what i choose.it's just a matter of more or less and how i handle.and that's what im afraid of.overseas immersion and such sounds like a really good experience.but i think i dont really want to leave the country without my parents.hahaa.im weird am i not??everyone wants to get away but not me.lol.but then again i want to go hwa chong!!does it still have jc admission anyway??or is it full ip.if it is then there goes my dream college.i will probably just go vj instead for jc level.oh and staying in dhp means no volleyball tournaments for me at year 5 and 6 level.(most probably)but i want to carry on competing for my school.i really wish that i dont have such options.why does singapore have to have something such as ip?!?!?!?!??!?!?!some people say ip is fun, some say it is very stressful.i think it's both.but which is 'stronger'?is it more stressful than fun or vice versa.there's loads of independent learning in dhp.will i be able to cope with that??i mean i dont really enjoy projects already.and yet going dhp means more of that.although projects may be good cause you are researching and doing most of it yourself i think you get more familiar with the topic.oh and there's the maths,science and i think humanities that is like of gep level.that's scary isnt it??definitely a lot of thinking skills and high iq questions.hmm...i need professional advice!!hee.oh and maybe a poll something like 'if you could choose again,would you choose to go to dhp?'


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